I'll pluck away every hope you have.

–???, The Gray Garden


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"Fate" is the identity of an unknown character that appeared in the Normal End of The Gray Garden. Their true appearance and identity has yet to be revealed.


They only appear as a silhouette with red eyes and somewhat long hair.





  • The Gray Garden - "Fate" appeared in the Normal Ending of The Gray Garden, monologuing over Etihw's suffering at being too late to save the denizens of the Gray Garden. It was implied that Fate may have orchestrated the tragedies befalling Etihw.


The Gray Garden Cast


It is unknown what type of relationship the two have. "Fate" seems to know Etihw, although the opposite can't confirmed who they are.




  • "When a lonely soul grieves, no one notices it."
  • "They can curse their fate, but not perceive that they're already cursed."
  • "Attempt to create an utopia, have them perform in a fake world."
  • "But it's all a distant fantasy so long as their chains still hold them."
  • "Unable to break those chains, eternal wandering is inevitable..."
  • "Just as a wingless bird crawling along cannot change its fate..."
  • "And yet even still, they chase after pipe dreams."
  • "So if you'll keep wishing on those naive dreams..."
  • "I'll pluck away every hope you have."



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