Character Information
Japanese Name 暗転
Romaji Name Anten
Character Code 0200
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Height 185cm (≈6'1")
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Occupation Lil's Subordinate(Formerly)
Personal Status

Anten (暗転) is a demon with an uncanny likeliness to Hanten, though their relation is unknown. He is a minor character in Obsolete Dream.


Anten has a pair of scarlet red eyes with black pupils and his hands are oddly black, with white fingernails. His hair is a mild slate gray, pulled into a ponytail that shows off a rather large pair of black horns that twist into three segments and three black piercings on his left horn. He also has a very long tail that appears longer than his height. It is also seen that his neck has stitch marks on it. He wears a black suit, with a white undershirt which is finished off with black shoes, and he wears a black tie in a half-Windsor knot.

His current form is that of a pitch black snake with the same stitch marks near the head. Oftentimes he hides his snake form as Hanten's shadow.


Anten's personality is similar to Hanten's. Based from a Sunahama update, he is the worst trouble maker. He has started an extreme amount of bad things.


Anten is first seen in the end of Chapter 5 in his snake form and his normal form is seen in Chapter 6.

From what is revealed, Anten woke up severely injured and found himself impaled or crucified to a wall, surrounded by angels who are seen smiling sinisterly at him. Initially believing that he was dreaming, he later realizes that he wasn't and mentions about being defeated.



  • Obsolete Dream - Appears in the chapter 5 in his snake form, after in his normal form in the chapter 6.



It is unknown the kind of relationship that both of them have, though they seem to welcome each other's presence.


It is unknown what kind of relationship the two have, but he hates him to an absurd degree. Taffy once beheaded him and placed his head on a plate.


It is unknown what kind of relationship the two have; both are seen together in an artwork.


Roc and Anten get along extremely poorly. Anten tends to run away with all of his might when Roc shows up.


Lil was Anten's former boss.


Daimonji was Anten's former colleague.


Maekami was Anten's former colleague.


  • "Anten" means "blackout".[1]
  • He can turn into a snake, as seen in Obsolete Dream.
  • He is shown in a picture with Candla where he is using the flaming end to one of her braids to fry an egg.
  • He may have some connection to Hanten, since both of them have physical and personality resemblances, however, nothing was proved until now.
  • He appears in his humanoid form in chapter 6 of Obsolete Dream.


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