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I'm getting up there in years...

–Artamos, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea



Artamos with Satanick

Character Information
Japanese Name アルタモス
Romaji Name Arutamosu
Character Code 0176
Location Totsusa Kingdom
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Robot
Rabbit (Previously)
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Totsusa Kingdom
Occupation King of the Totsusa Kingdom
Personal Status
Relatives Totsusahime (Daughter)

Artamos (アルタモス) is a character from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. He is the ruler of the Totsusa Kingdom and the father of Totsusahime.


Arthamos sprite
Artamos is a silver mechanic rabbit head with red "eyes". Below his left eye he has red circles. Holes speckle the snout of his head, the holes functioning as speakers for verbal communication. His eyes are typically orange, when he is calm.

Prior to becoming mechanized, he had messy white hair, long white rabbit ears, white raceless skin with red nails, and wore traditional Japanese robes.


Artamos appears to be rather calm and friendly. He is, however, extremely protective of his daughter and will become enraged if she is injured or upset.


Artamos was said to be turned into a robot by a witch, who is implied to be Tetsuzora[1].

Prior being mechanized, he used to be a lady-killer and "literally the size of a mountain", although his size was more than likely exaggerated; as he is seen next to Satanick in Deep Sea Prisoners comics and is not much larger than he is.


Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea - Artamos is a minor antagonist. He is always seen with Tosatsuhime and the Totsusa Soldiers. Later, after the revelation of larger enemies, he becomes an ally to the Blue Sea Kingdom, fighting off the Sea of Death fighters.

He has also had a minor appearance in Deep Sea Prisoners comic featuring Satanick. He was brought there by force from Envi to comfort him while he recovered.


Wadanohara Cast


Totsusahime is Artamos' daughter.

Other Characters


Artamos seems to have an unknown relationship with Satanick, however he seems somewhat annoyed with Satanick. They make an appearance together in a few of Deep-Sea Prisoner's artworks.


4545 often likes to josh Artamos. It is possible that Artamos does not like him very much.


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  • He has been alive for thousands of years.
  • He apparently runs on batteries in his mechanized form.
  • "Artamos" is derived from "Artemis," who was the goddess of the moon in Greek Mythology.[2]



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