Take heart! Ater will serve you for all her life, no matter how decrepit you should become...

–Ater, The Gray Garden


Character Information
Japanese Name アーテル
Romaji Name Āteru
Character Code 0189
Location Gray Garden
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Female
Height 160cm (≈5'2")
Professional Status
Affiliation Gray Garden
Occupation Kcalb's Underling
Personal Status
Relatives Arbus (Sister)

Ater (アーテル) is one of the supporting characters from The Gray Garden. She is one of Kcalb's two cat underlings.


Ater Sprite

Ater has long white hair cut into a Hime cut with red eyes with white pupils, black cat ears, a black pointed tail, and two pair of small bat wings. She wears something of a school uniform, consisting of a white dress shirt with a red tie, a light gray blazer, dark gray pleated skirt, red checkered leggings/tights, boots with the top folded over and having small four black buttons, and a little bat wing sticking out on both boots. Although her sprite had shown her to have two tails, in her official art, she is seen with only one. Like Arbus, she is also shown holding a black trident with diamond shapes and a bat wing shape on it.


Ater seems to be rather naughty, but she knows when to be serious.


Not much is known about her, but she was one of the surviving members who fought in the war.




The Gray Garden Cast


Arbus is Ater's twin sister. The two are rarely apart when in their humanoid forms.


Kcalb is Ater's master.

Alela Grora

Ater was the one who took Grora's eye so she holds a grudge against her for it.

Other Characters


Yosaflame was Ater's former fellow comrade of Kcalb.


Lost was Ater's former fellow comrade of Kcalb.


Cranber was Ater's former fellow comrade of Kcalb.


  • Ater's name possibly comes from the Latin adjective 'ater', meaning "black, dark, gloomy, dismal or malicious".[1]
  • The bonus room states that she likes Lord Kcalb's lap, hates water, and has a hobby of strolling. Despite being his underling, she doesn't do what he says.


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In-game Photos

The Gray Garden

The Gray Garden Remake

Other Photos


  • "I'm Ater, Lord Kcalb's pet cat. I love to sleep on Lord Kcalb's lap."
  • "Take heart! Ater will serve you for all her life, no matter how decrepit you should become..." (To Kcalb)
  • "Ater will always accompany Lord Kcalb..." (bonus room)




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