Azemiti Toru (畦道とおる) is a character that has yet to formally appear in anything. She is a human school girl.

Azemiti Toru

Character Information
Japanese Name 畦道とおる
Romaji Name Azemichi Tōru
Character Code 0267
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status


Azemiti has white hair with long bangs that cover her eyes. Her jacket and boots are light purple, with the boots' soles being lavender. From her jacket's hood sprouts two brown objects reminiscent of antennae. Below her jacket, she seems to be wearing a shirt with a brown sailor fuku collar and a white triangular neckpiece. She also has a red backpack and a brown miniskirt as well as knee high white socks. She can also be seen holding a red umbrella dripping blood in her character art.


Azemiti Toru appears to have a rather morbid personality, showing interest in death and even reading a book about bombs. She also seems to be violent and very sadistic, often taunting and hurting Utareduyoi Tsubaki.


Not much is known about her past.


Azemiti Toru is one of the main characters in the mini comics "Dying Tomorrow".


Utareduyoi Tsubaki

Azemiti seems to have a violent relationship with Tsubaki.

Kisaragi Alice

Alice is Azemiti's friend.

Shinohara Souichirou

Shinohara is Azemiti's teacher.


  • "Azemiti" means "footpath" while "Toru" means "passing by."[1]
  • She can be seen reading a book about bombs in "Dying of Secondhand Smoke."


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  • "You shouldn’t get a boyfriend just to make up for your dad." (To Utareduyoi)



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