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The protagonist of this story is a girl with a somewhat nasty gaze, Ebihara.

As the sun set, she was terribly depressed. Because she’d gotten in a fight with a dear friend… In desperation, she went to an eerie underground tunnel where none would ever normally go. Deep in the tunnel, Ebihara found an emergency exit emanating an odd light. Captivated by the light, she opened it up, and found a curious and mysterious world. A curious sky, curious buildings, and curious denizens. And while those denizens welcomed her courteously…

Carnival Rhythm
Japanese カーニバル・リズム
Rōmaji Kānibaru Rizumu
Release Date Undecided
Main Protagonist Ebihara (Shrimp)
Latest Version TBA
Deep-Sea Prisoner Page funamusea
Official Translation TBA
Banner CRhythm


Carnival Rhythm is an upcoming RPG-maker game by Deep-Sea Prisoner. It is previewed as one of the upcoming games in the Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea Bonus Room.

Be warned, the game is R-18, due to serious amounts of gore, including dismemberment and abdominal incisions, among other things. Take into consideration that Wadanohara was R-15. Please, do not play it if you are sensitive to these things.


The game seems to be about the human, Shrimp, (known in-game as Ebihara) stumbling into one of the many worlds inhabited by demons and trying to get out alive.



  • "Carnival Rhythm" is a pun of "cannibalism".[1] The pronunciation of the title of the game is pronounced the exact same way "cannibalism" would be.


  • "Why...why does it always come to this? Always..."




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