Crea Flankenstein

Character Information
Japanese Name クレア・フランケンシュタイン
Romaji Name Kurea Furankenshutain
Character Code 0044
Location Pitch Black World
Biological Information
Species Creation
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Personal Status
Relatives Victor Flankenstein (Father and creator)

Crea Flankenstein (クレア・フランケンシュタイン) is one of the characters that has been said to be part of the Obsolete Dream world, but has yet to officially appear in any series. She was created by Victor Flankenstein at Satanick's request.


Crea has pink and black hair, one side of her haircut being pink and the other being black; her black hair is curly, while her pink hair is straight. She has a large screw protruding from the right side of her head, the left side of her hand having a horn protruding out of it, both of which are decorated with a red ribbon. Her eyes have black sclera, with green pupils that have black lines forming a cross. She has stitches all over her body, on her legs, black tie, and fingers, but the most prominent being on her face. Like a demon, her nails are painted black.

Crea wears a black hoodie with white cuffs, a skirt with a white petticoat and a black tie coupled with a red pinstripe shirt and matching socks. She also wears black and white sneakers with green soles and laces. Her sneakers are decorated by red dots, a green symbol that looks similar to her eyes, and the bottoms of the sneakers are green.


Not much is known about her. She seems to be smiling often and tolerate Satanick's behavior.


She was created by Victor Flankenstein at Satanick's request. He intended, at first, to make a big man, however Satanick demanded a little girl.


Up to this day, Crea Flankenstein has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's illustrations and mini-comics.


Victor Flankenstein

Victor is Crea's father and creator.


Satanick requested Victor to create Crea; they seem to get along just well. In one of the images in the Sunahama logs, she gave him a piece of candy and also held an umbrella to cover the two of them while it was raining.


Envi is Crea's caretaker.


  • She seems to like sweets and omurice.
  • Her name "Crea" came from the word "Creation".
  • According to Deep Sea Prisoner, if the screw on her head is turned clockwise, she would go on a murder-death mode. She would turn back to normal if it is turned again. [1]


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