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Deep-Sea Prisoner, also known as 海底囚人 or DSP, is a Japanese artist and game developer. They are a talented single person working to create various games, comics, and other stories through various forms of media. Their gender is unknown.

Deep-Sea Prisoner has an official website, a Twitter account and a YouTube account. They used to have a Tumblr blog, but have since deleted it.

They stated that they do not want to be called, "Mogeko", any further, as the name is associated with their fictional characters, "Mogekos", who are depicted as rapists.

As of the May 20th update, Deep-Sea Prisoner explains that their site's name is 'Funamusea' whereas their alias is 'Deep-Sea Prisoner'; this is due because domains only accept English characters.

Creative process and environment

Deep-Sea Prisoner draws with a tablet pen. Most of the situations in their works - when they happen, and what feelings they’re meant to invoke - and materials are planned in a single notebook, or memos, that are used while working. The order is:

  1. Decide on a rough timeline of events
  2. Memos and materials
  3. Start creating when almost finished (little details are made up while making it)

Upon making a work (game or manga), they particularly focus on the relationship between characters - who hates who and who likes who.[1]

Future plans

Even though Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea has romance elements, Deep-Sea Prisoner is planning to make an "even stronger love-colored work" in the future. They also want the characters from Wadanohara to appear in other tales.

Deep-Sea Prisoner says that from now on they want to "make things that are even more extreme".[1]


Deep-Sea Prisoner's works, especially Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, got a particularly big response overseas. Deep-Sea Prisoner says they're glad for the response from abroad and that they were surprised at first, but things like being kindly sent drawings and being able to receive thoughts and impressions make them very happy.[1]


In 2014, drama went down on Tumblr regarding one of Deep-Sea Prisoner's artworks, which led to being harassed by many offended Westerners, and the subsequent deletion of their Tumblr blog. The artwork depicted two of their characters, Sal and Wadanohara, during a non-consensual sexual act. Many Westerners felt offended by the picture, believing it to be supporting rape, and began to furiously harass Deep-Sea Prisoner, who then proceeded to delete the artwork and apologize.[2] Many of these Westerners, however, did not accept their apology and kept harassing them, which led Deep-Sea Prisoner to delete their blog. This would lead to Deep-Sea Prisoner changing their policies regarding the usage of their games; Deep-Sea Prisoner forbids filming playthrough videos or livestreams of gameplay of their games.

Some drama also went down in the Korean fandom regarding Deep-Sea Prisoner's usage of the rising sun flag design on their website. The rising sun is a controversial and offensive symbol for many non-Japanese Asian people, particularly Korean and Chinese people, as it's viewed as a negative symbol of Japanese imperialism. Deep-Sea Prisoner apologized, and stated that they didn’t know how offensive the symbol was; in Japan the rising sun is used as a symbol of great fortune and is especially a common sight during New Year's as a sign of good luck for the next year.[3] Despite their apology, they continue to use the symbol in many works. And now, Deep-Sea Prisoner blocks all Korean IP.


The following are some guidelines with regards to Deep-Sea Prisoner's works. These guidelines are based from themselves.

  1. Do not reprint nor translate their works without written permission.
  2. Do not provide direct links to pictures on their website. Links to pages are fine.
  3. Using their art for things like headers, profile pictures, sidebars, backgrounds, etc. is fine by them, no problem at all.
  4. Screenshots of games are alright.
  5. Don’t make transparent background images of their art and upload it. One or two is okay, but reprinting the whole cast of a game is not okay.
  6. They’d prefer if you didn’t screenshot and post their emails because it makes them embarrassed.
  7. For translated versions, while they prefer it to be on one platform only, as long as it’s posted by the translator themselves, they’re quite alright.
  8. For translated versions of spoiler-y or rated artworks, they’d like for it to be under a Read More or something similar, with ample warnings.
  9. If you have any special reason to want to reprint their works, ask them directly via email . They can answer in basic English if you keep it simple.
  10. If you want to translate for them, you have to ask them directly.
  11. At the very, very, veeeeery worst, providing a link to the original when reprinting is acceptable, but they really, really don’t want that. Their reason is that if you want to see their art, you can just access their site to begin with.
  12. For merchandise, as long as you’re not doing it for profit or commercially, and doing it as a fan, they don’t have many issues whatsoever. But contact them just in case anyway.
  13. If you claim their art as yours, they will punch you.[4]


The best way to contact them is through email or their Twitter, and they are very kind and friendly.
Deep-Sea Prisoner knows a minimal amount of English, so do not be afraid to attempt and approach them with simple English. Additionally, Deep Sea Prisoner says that when they receive something in a language they can’t read, they make good use of translation sites.[1]


  • Deep-Sea Prisoner says that almost everyone in their works is bisexual and ideas such as gender and age are left as an afterthought. They say that several of their characters are "without gender, or somewhere in the middle, so it’s pointless to even think about it".[5]


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