When you... gave me the key to take that heavy thing off... I wanted to believe again.
.....In that hope, and in myself.

–Defect Mogeko, Mogeko Castle

Defect Mogeko


Moge Nega-Mogeko

Character Information
Japanese Name 異端 モゲコ
Romaji Name Itan Mogeko
Location Mogeko Castle
Status Deceased(?)
Biological Information
Species Mogeko
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Mogeko Castle
Personal Status
Relatives King mogeko (King; enemy)

Defect Mogeko (異端 モゲコ, Itan Mogeko; Lit. "Heretic Mogeko") is one of the Special Mogekos in Mogeko Castle. He acts as a guide for Yonaka Kurai.


Defect Mogeko looks like a green Mogeko, with an X-shaped scar on his torso and a scar on the right side of his face. Missing left ear and tail.


He used to get along with king mogeko, but came into disagreement with him, being branded as a "defect Mogeko" and subsequently imprisoned.

He is considered to be a "defect" by the Mogekos, although there isn't anything defective about him save for deviations from the rest of the Mogekos.


Defect Mogeko is one of the Seven Special Mogekos. His former name was Nega-Mogeko.

After he told King mogeko that his way was wrong, King mogeko called Nega-Mogeko "Defect Mogeko" and imprisoned him. According to Defect Mogeko himself, he gave up fighting after he lost his ear.


  • Mogeko Castle- Defect Mogeko appears as a protagonist. Yonaka finds him in his cell when the other Mogekos throw her in prison. She hands him a key she got from the Prosciutto Fairy, which could unlock his restraints. After he unlocks his chain, he decides to help Yonaka escape the castle. He gets shot by King mogeko later in their journey, and sacrifices himself so Yonaka can escape from the castle.


Mogeko Castle Cast

Yonaka Kurai

Yonaka is Defect Mogeko's one-off acquaintance. She was helped by him in order to escape Mogeko Castle.

King mogeko

King mogeko is Defect Mogeko's enemy and a former friend. King mogeko used to be friends with Defect Mogeko, when he was still referred to as "Nega-Mogeko". He imprisoned Defect Mogeko after Defect Mogeko disagreed with his ways of ruling, branding him as a "defect".


The two were friends.

Other Characters


  • Defect Mogeko's actual name is "Nega-Mogeko" because he is the opposite of King mogeko. The title "Defect Mogeko" was given to him by Yonaka Kurai upon their first meeting, due to her having met him shortly after reading a book on "defective" Mogekos.
  • As of September 7th, 2017, Defect Mogeko has been ranked 10th on the Deep Sea Prisoner popularity poll.


  • "...Heh." (Bonus Room)


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