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I'm hungry...

–Dolphi, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea


Character Information
Japanese Name ドルピー
Romaji Name Dorupī
Character Code 0155
Location The Blue Sea Kingdom
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Dolphin
Gender Female
Height 110cm (≈3'6")
Professional Status
Affiliation Wadanohara's Familiars
The Blue Sea Kingdom
Occupation Wadanohara's Familiar
Personal Status

Dolphi (ドルピー) is a humanoid Dolphin from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. She is one of Wadanohara's current three familiars.


Tumblr inline n4vd9ltCs51rgsnbs

Dolphi has short, dark grey hair cut into a bob style; her dorsal fin protrudes from the top of her head and is somewhat small. She has black sclera with white pupils and a dolphin tail matching her hair color.

She wears a dark blue sleeveless sailor like dress reaching around hip length, with dark blue cuffs. The pocket edge, collar, the edges of the cuffs and bottom of the dress are accented with white stripes. The dress has six, golden buttons on the front and two matching buttons on each cuff. Dolphi wears white stockings and black buckle up shoes.


Although scared of sharks and other scary things, Dolphi is normally nice and quiet. She loves to draw like Memoca, but Memoca constantly scares her for fun. She is easily startled and grossed out.


Nothing much has been known about Dolphi's past.




Wadanohara Cast


Wadanohara is Dolphi's friend and master. She is usually protected or comforted by Wadanohara.


Memoca is Dolphi's friend and a fellow familiar of Wadanohara.


Fukami is Dolphi's friend and a fellow familiar of Wadanohara.


Samekichi is Dolphi's fellow familiar of Wadanohara.

Other Characters


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  • Most of her moves seem to be based on dolphin show moves.
  • Many fans mistake her as being male.
  • As stated in the physical copy of volume one of the manga, her favourite colour is yellow. Her favourite food is cute steamed bread. Her specialty is playing the ball and dashing.
  • Her name is derived from "Dolphin." [1]
  • Dolphi is afraid of sharks even though, in real life, sharks are the ones who usually fear dolphins.
  • She has a sword as her favorite weapon.


  • "....Not a shark."




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