You like takoyaki?

–Fukami, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea


Character Information
Japanese Name フカミ
Romaji Name Fukami
Character Code 0137
Location The Blue Sea Kingdom
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Octopus
Gender Male
Height 177cm (≈5'8")
Professional Status
Affiliation Wadanohara's Familiars
The Blue Sea Kingdom
Occupation Wadanohara's Familiar
Personal Status

Fukami (フカミ) is a humanoid octopus appearing in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. He is one of Wadanohara's current familiars.


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Fukami has short, light blue hair, cut to chin length. His eyes are dark grey and his expression almost never changes. Underneath his coat he is shown to have six long, pinkish tentacles.

He wears a white coat that reaches almost to his knees and covers his hands. The edges of the coat are lined with a dark blue trim. A scarf like tie matching the color of the trim is tied around his neck, and a small, white anchor symbol is shown on it. His pants are black, as are his boots and seven white, bubble like decorations line the side of them.

In the bad end "Betrayal" he is shown with glowing red eyes.


Fukami is quiet and calm most of the time, often only using few words to get his point across.

He has feelings for Wadanohara, but was jealous that Samekichi stole her attention. However, he does not act on these feelings without outside interference, even going as far as to comfort Wadanohara in accordance with Samekichi's disappearance in the true end of Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.


Not much is known about Fukami's past.




Wadanohara Cast


Wadanohara is Fukami's master and love interest. Though, he keeps it as a secret from her.


Memoca is Fukami's friend and a fellow familiar of Wadanohara.


Dolphi is Fukami's friend and a fellow familiar of Wadanohara.


Samekichi is Fukami's fellow familiar of Wadanohara. Fukami seems to have a rivalry with him due to his close relationship with Wadanohara.

Other Characters



  • As seen in the manga, he seems to wear a sweater and a dress shirt under his coat.
  • As stated in the physical copy of volume one of the manga, his favourite colour is white. His favourite food is a set of tea and sweets, and meat dripping with blood. His speciality is cooking and baking, and octopus punch.
  • Fukami's name means "depths" [1]
  • On Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, it is speculated that he favours a hammer in battle.


  • "Roger."



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