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A castle standing tall in a freezing land, the Mogeko Kremlin.

That castle’s lord, General Mogekov Hashasky, has been taken captive by a certain individual. Determined to save their general, his subordinates went to his rescue…

General Hashasky's Great Adventure
Japanese ハスハスキー将軍の大冒険
Rōmaji Hasuhasukī Shōgun no Dai Bōken
Release Date circa 2015-2016
Main Protagonist Mogekov Hashasky
Latest Version TBA
Deep-Sea Prisoner Page funamusea
Official Translation TBA



General Hashasky's Great Adventure will be one of Deep-Sea Prisoner's upcoming games, and serve as a sequel to Mogeko Castle. A preview for the game is shown in the bonus room of Mogeko Castle at the end of the game.

Unlike the prequel, Mogeko Castle, this is rated by Deep-Sea Prisoner themselves as for being for age 18+. Be warned, the game is a violent gag game and contains violence and other morbid things.[1]


Based on the preview, the game seems to be about Moge-kov going to save Mogekov Hashasky after he has been captured by the Moge-ko of Mogeko Castle. In Mogeko Castle, General Hashasky can be seen at certain points during the play-through.

The games' setting seems to take place after Mogeko Castle's Normal End, as Yonaka Kurai is seen as Lord Prosciutto.


  • The game is of the genre, "frozen yogurt adventure".





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