Character Information
Japanese Name 逆転
Romaji Name Gyakuten
Character Code 0023
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Occupation Demon Underling
Personal Status
Relatives Hanten(Daughter)
Chishibuki (Wife)
Chikemuri (Son)
Hibuki (Brother-in-law)

Gyakuten (逆転) is a supporting character from Obsolete Dream. He is Hanten's father and often gets into fights with Sullivan, harassing him.


Gyakuten has bright red hair and yellow eyes. His horns are similar in shape to Hanten's, but are a more tan color and smaller. He wears a yellow scarf and a red blazer. His pants are red and black striped and his shoes are heeled and black in color. His tail, interestingly enough, is black and forms a zig-zagging shape.

When he was younger (probably around his adolescence), he had black hair and longer bangs.


He appears to be very violent and it is said that he loves to bully the weak. Most of the artworks containing him are fights with Sullivan.


Not much is known about Gyakuten´s past.







Hanten is Gyakuten's daughter.


Chishibuki is Gyakuten's wife. They both like to torture Sullivan.


Chikemuri is Gyakuten's son.


Hibuki is Gyakuten's brother-in-law.

Other Characters


Sullivan is Gyakuten's and his wife's victim.


  • "Gyakuten" means "Reversal/Turnaround."[1]


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