Character Information
Japanese Name ハザド
Romaji Name Hazado
Character Code 0067
Biological Information
Species Ghost
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status

Hazad (ハザド) is one of the characters that has yet to appear in any series.


Hazad's attire is completely monochromatic as his overcoat and poncho coat are black, as well as his dress shoes. There are dark gray buttons that adorn his poncho and cuffs. He wears a dark gray dress shirt with a black tie, and also has a white dress glove on his hand. His hair is viridian color with bangs longer and messier in the front and two ahoges pointing forward. There are white medical bandages wrapped around his head and covers almost half of his face. A glimpse of what turns out to be his eye which is yellow in color is shown. His other eye is black, and he has red bags under it. Hazad also appears to be missing his left arm, ghostly black wisps can be seen emitting from where it's supposed to be.

Hazad also wields a black and gray katana.


Not much is known about him.


Not much is known about him.


Up to this day, Hazad has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner´s illustrations.



Corvus appears to be related with Hazad in some way, since they were seen together in a mini-comic.


It is possible that Benizuru is Hazad's crush, based from the Valentine's Day illustration by Deep-Sea Prisoner.


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  • His name might be derived from the word "hazard".[1]
  • Corvus mentions that he smells like green tea in one of Deep Sea Prisoner's artwork.