Hidou (ヒドウ) is a character that has yet to formally appear in any series. He is Satanick's 7th subordinate.


Character Information
Japanese Name ヒドウ
Romaji Name Hidou
Character Code Originally 0289[1]
Location Pitch Black World
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Occupation Satanick's subordinate
Personal Status


Hidou has short, white messy hair, and ram-like horns on his head. He has red eyes slit black irises, and a black pointed tail. He wears a lab coat over a brown striped shirt. Additionally, he wears a pair of gray, circular glasses, and black gloves.


Hidou likes to capture and harass angels, along with a hobby of making snuff films with them. Based on a recent comic, Hidou seems to be rather nonchalant--uninterested with his surroundings even with a heavy storm taking place, and favors watching his videos instead.




"Angel Nurse"

The two have an unknown relationship. They appeared together in an illustration.


Satanick is Hidou's Devil and boss.


  • Hidou has good quality footage of Taffy being assaulted by Roc Hijohshiki.
  • He first appeared with the "Angel Nurse' in Log 19 on Deep-Sea Prisoner's site. He later appeared in the 2016/03/26 Sunahama logs with a camera. Afterwards, Hidou is often seen with a camera in-hand.
  • There was a mistranslation in his data.[2]
  • His initial attire was a striped shirt, but changed to a striped sweater in recent comics and logs. In both appearances still with the same lab coat, albeit unbuttoned.
  • "Hidou" means "Tyrannical/Outrageous".[3]


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