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Iceberg Isle is the main setting of Ice Scream.



Iceberg Village

A small village in the Southwest of the Isle. Shirogane, Yukisada, Peraco, and probably Sunosan live there.

  • Iceberg Village as seen in Ice Watching : Round One

Peraco's House

Home of Peraco and three other penguins, who are Peraco's younger siblings.
  • Peraco's house interior seen in Ice Watching Round 1

Yukisada's House

Home of Yukisada and Shirogane.
  • Yukisada's House interior seen in Ice Watching Round 1

Ice Cavern

Shirogane hides in here sometimes.
  • Interior of the Ice Cavern
  • The Ice Cavern seen outside in Ice Watching Round 1
Inside, the left path leads to a small room and the right path leads underground.

Orca Danger Zone

Any area with Idate around.
  • Ocra Danger Zone in Ice Watching Round 1
  • Orca Danger Zone in Ice Watching Round 2

Rock's House

Home of Rock.
  • Rock seen inside his house in Ice Watching Round 1

Rocma and Mafuyu's House

Home of Rocma and Mafuyu.


A place where a wharf is present, but due to orca attacks the wharf was barely used.

  • Wharf in Ice Watching : Round One


An unknown/unnamed place where a squid was usually seen.

  • The Squid that appears at this location, Ice Watching: Round One.






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