Character Information
Japanese Name 火焔
Romaji Name Kaen
Character Code 0098
Location Witch World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Witch
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Witch World
Occupation Witch
Personal Status

Kaen (火焔) is one of the characters that has yet to officially appear in any series. She is a witch of fire.


Kan has red eyes with black pupils and gray hair tied in pigtails. Her witch hat is red with orange ribbons and the edges have a similar shape to fire, its adorned with two burning match sticks. Kaen wears a black shirt with a high collared red dress over it, which is also shaped like flames. She wears red leggings and dark red boots. her broom is like a torch with burning fire at the end, while having a small orange triangle "keychain" at the handle.


Not much is known about her.


Not much is known about her yet.





In LOG-010, Kaen is seen having an allergic reaction Hanahata, possibly from her flowers.


Chlomaki has appeared in two images with Kaen. The two appear to be acquaintances.


Tetsuzora has been seen together in a Halloween image. The two appear to be acquaintances.


Hoka and Kaen were seen together in one of Deep-Sea Prisoner's drawings. She is possibly Kaen's familiar, as Kaen's triangle symbol can be seen in certain artworks, as well as her name being fire-related.


Tokinome were seen interacting in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. They appear to be acquaintances.


  • "Kaen" translates to "flame".[1]
  • It is said that she's allergic to flowers, including Hanahata the flower witch.


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