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Kiku (鬼紅) is one of the characters that has been said to be part of the same world as Obsolete Dream. She is Glasses' girlfriend.


Character Information
Japanese Name 鬼紅
Romaji Name Kiku
Character Code 0026
Location Pitch Black World
Biological Information
Species Oni
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status


Kiku is a red skinned oni wearing a beige sweater over a plain white undershirt with a small bow tied to her collar. She also wears a dark grey skirt, baggy white socks and dark red loafers. Her hair is white and tied in two long pigtails with two more small blue bows on the end of each pigtail. She wields a pitch black kanabō (spiked iron club) with bandaged hilt and a grip handle at the end, it possesses two asymmetrical eyes with red irises, a long diagonal mouth full of razor sharp fangs and a long tongue.

In some artworks, she is seen wearing an orange kimono with a dark red nagajuban and obi.







Kiheki is Kiku's sister. She is close to Kiku, but despises Glasses, Kiku's boyfriend, calling him a "troublesome lover".[1]


Kiki is Kiku's brother, they seem to be close.

Other Characters


Glasses is Kiku's boyfriend. She sometimes goes to his house to cook breakfast for him. In one comic, she let Glasses warm his hands in her sleeves.


  • Kiku's kanabō (spiked iron club) hates Glasses for some reason.
  • Kiku in gender bent version, has long sharp nails similar to the common portrayal of red oni, unlike her female version.
  • Kiku tends to wears loose socks and in gender bent version, Kiku's shirt is left untucked which are both violation of common school dress codes and are related to delinquency.
  • Kiku's name just means "red oni".


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