Killisaki (キリサキ) is one of the characters that has appeared in Obsolete Dream related pictures. He is a half-vampire/half-demon hybrid.


Character Information
Japanese Name キリサキ
Romaji Name Kirisaki
Character Code 0002
Location Pitch Black World
Biological Information
Species Vampire/Demon Hybrid
Gender Male
Height 175cm (≈5'7")
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Occupation Young Master of a castle
Personal Status
Relatives Yatsuzaki(Father)



Killisaki has messy gray hair with ram-like horns of mismatched colors and black-rimmed eyes also of mismatched colors (his right eye has black iris with red pupils and his left eye has black sclera and red irises with black pupil). His skin is a pallid white and he wears dark brown pants with leather-brown dress shoes. He wears a reddish vest with large brown buttons over a white dress shirt. He also is shown wearing a large cloak with red insides and a black outside, fastened together with a thick chain, and wears white gloves. Three red-eyed bats are seen in his character art.


In the past, Killisaki had been described to be a bit unlucky as well as having a strong distaste in If's cooking. As of recent updates in 2017, he is seen to be the demanding type with how straightforward he is in receiving blood from If.


Not much is known about him.


Up to this day, Killisaki has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's Illustrations.




Killie is Killisaki's mother.


Yatsuzaki is Killisaki's father.

Other Characters


Chloe is Killisaki's maid, they seem to be on bad terms, she has spattered him before with ketchup.


The two of them are on bad terms, this is likely because of Killisaki harassing If of her blood and being upfront in his demands. Take for example in the light of updates in 2017, he is seen ripping her clothes open and being the obvious culprit behind the wounds on her body. Killisaki uses her as a bloodbag. Apparently her blood is bitter. As of the 2017 10 21 update, Killisaki has one sided feelings towards her.


  • His name is a combination of his parents' names, Killie and Yatsuzaki.
  • Much like Satanick and Reficul, he is able to articulate shadow hands.


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