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Kuchica (クチカ) is one of the characters that has yet to appear in anything. She is a Yōkai and a kuchisake-onna, the slit-mouth woman, as is more popularly known with Westerners.


Character Information
Japanese Name クチカ
Romaji Name Kuchika
Character Code 0111
Biological Information
Species Kuchisake-onna
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status


Kuchica has red brick colored hair which is tied into two braids with white ribbons. She has red eyes and nails. Her outfit is a black and red sailor uniform. She also wears red tights (?) and black loafers. Kuchica also sports out a white medical face mask and large red-bladed scissors.


Since she is based on kuchisake-onna, the slit-mouth woman, she might follow the popular legend which was the process of asking you if she is pretty and, if the answer is no, she kills the victim.


Not much is known about Kuchica.


Up to this day, Kuchica has only appeared on the Character Sheet and is speculated to have made a cameo on Deep-Sea Prisioner's July Calendar.


Not much is known about Kuchica.


  • Kuchica's scissors in her hand can be seen behind Jianshi and above Kohri's head in the July Calendar picture.