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Don't make me say this again. You're a pest, dad.

–Kurotsuno, Obsolete Dream: chapter 4




Character Information
Japanese Name クロツノ | オリヴィア
Romaji Name Kurotsuno | Olivia
Character Code 0004 | 0004-2
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon | Human
Gender Female
Height 160cm (≈5'2")
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Sullivan (Father)

Kurotsuno (クロツノ) is a demon of the Pitch Black World. She is the main character of Obsolete Dream. She is the daughter of Sullivan.


Kurotsuno has long, straight grey hair. She wears a basic three button black vest over a plain white narrow-collared shirt and black tie, a black box pleated skirt, black thigh high socks with a white rim, and black knee high boots. She has black sclera and lime irises. Her demon horns are mismatched; one grey with three black stripes and a piercing, while the other has many geometric shapes and is black with white circles.

When going out, Kurotsuno wears a double breasted coat or a duffle cape and scarf over her usual attire.

As Olivia, she has long brown hair reaching her waist. She wears two silver earrings, one on each ear and has dark red eyes. She wears a white vest with black buttons over a dark grey long sleeved collared shirt. She also wears a white knife-pleated skirt with grey stockings and tall white boots with black buttons.


Kurotsuno is a reserved and serious girl. The most emotion she shows are either of annoyance or rage, with the former mainly to her friends and acquaintances, whilst the latter to her father. She has been called rebellious by other characters, such as: Hanten and Maekami, and prefers to do things alone. She quite obviously loves OCHO chocolate, and is visibly upset when they were sold out, even willing to kill a white bird for Chlomaki since the witch had the last bag in stock and wanted Kurotsuno to do her a favor before she agrees on handing it over. Sullivan stated in chapter 4 of the Obsolete Dream manga that Kurotsuno used to be much nicer, most likely as Olivia.


She was formerly a human named Olivia who adored her father. How she turned into a demon has yet to be revealed.





  • Mogeko Castle - she appears in several rooms throughout the game, searching for her lost cellphone.


Obsolete Dream Cast


Sullivan is the father of Kurotsuno, who she has a particularly bad relationship with. Sullivan, instead of calling her with her current name, chooses to call her "Olivia", something that triggers a negative reaction out of Kurotsuno, and often leads to violent actions toward Sullivan. She berates him over the phone and calls him a pest even when he takes a day off from work and goes to see her. Why she hates to be called by her former name is currently unknown. Despite her mistreatment of him, Sullivan ceaselessly tries to patch their relationship.


Hanten is a friend and housemate of Kurotsuno. Kurotsuno does not seem to mind her much, but more often than not expresses sharp disapproval of Hanten and her behavior.


Met is a friend and housemate of Kurotsuno who has a habit of calling her "Kurotsun". She gets into Kurotsuno's nerves most of the time, and endures a number of gruesome torture due to Kurotsuno's constant annoyance of her. Kurotsuno does not have any qualms in trading off Met for a hundred years as someone else's servant.


Reina is a friend and housemate of Kurotsuno.


Bis is a friend and housemate of Kurotsuno.


Shikabone is a friend of Kurotsuno. She seems to understand his situation, and has been seen consoling him despite denying the action.


Kurotsuno is a customer at Maekami's bar. They seem to be on relatively friendly terms. Maekami occasionally inquires Kurotsuno of her relationship with her father, telling her how much Sullivan misses her and asking if she even feels sorry for the man.


Jork is Kurotsuno's admirer. Her reaction toward his affections, or whether she knows about them, is unknown.


Chlomaki is an acquaintance of Kurotsuno.


  • Her name, "Kurotsuno", is of Japanese origins, and has the meaning of "Black Horn".
  • While her human name "Olivia", means "Olive".
  • She dislikes crows. Her father is capable of turning into one, but it is unknown if she can become a full crow, or only grow the wings of one.
  • In chapter 5 of the Obsolete Dream manga, Met stated that Kurotsuno is "kinda scary on full moons".
  • In chapter 6 of the Obsolete Dream manga, Kurotsuno shows an interest in photography, even asking Shikabone to pose for her.
  • She likes moon-watching and OCHO chocolate.
    •  There has been a theory that she is related to Kcalb, as they both have a fondness for the moon and chocolate. However, this could also be nothing.
  • She is an avid knife-thrower, can materialize a spear out of thin air, grow a pair of feathery wings on her back, summon things from her blood, and make her nails grow sharper and longer at will.
  • In a Mini-Comic,[1] she says "kusotsuno" (translates to "shitty horn"), for she makes umbrellas useless for her when she uses one. The word is actually a pun of her own name.[2]
  • She is one of the few demons in Deep Sea Prisoner's works that have human-like skin. Her father, Sullivan, also shares this trait.



  • "What do I care....." (Bonus Room Mogeko Castle)
  • "Quiet. Sacrifices must be made for my chocolate." (To Met Obsolete Dream: chapter 2)
  • "I've got a feeling... something bad will happen today." (To Reina Obsolete Dream: chapter 4)
  • "Ahh, though the moon is so full... Something in me is waning. Just what is it? As of now, I don't know. ...It's in the past now. Pointless to even think about. I have no need for the past. Such things are no use to me... Truly?" (To herself Obsolete Dream: chapter 5)




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