Character Information
Japanese Name
Romaji Name Kyou
Character Code 0277
Biological Information
Species Demon(?)
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Satanick's subordinate
Personal Status
Relatives Aconita(Wife)

Kyou (兇) is a character that has yet to make a formal appearance in Deep-Sea Prisoner's creations He is one of Satanick's subordinates.


Kyou has long beige hair in which most of its strands are kept in multiple braids with golden hair ornaments. He possesses red eyes with black slitted pupils, horns similar to like that of a ram's with a deep red underside and gold piercings, and a black pointed tail. His attire consists of a dark gray trench coat with gold buttons and accents, a black belt with a silver buckle, teal suit with gold buttons (?), a black tie and black shoes with red soles.


Based on a Sunahama log update, Kyou is a pervert who likes to collect the hearts of angels. He is also said to be a devoted husband to his wife, Aconita . He's also described as "a nice guy with peculiar interests."


Not much is known about his past.


Up to this day, Kyou has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's illustrations and mini-comics.



Aconita and Kyou were seen together in one of Deep-Sea Prisoner's drawings. They are a married couple; it is shown that Kyou deliberately enjoys listening to her heartbeat. Kyou is said to be a devoted husband to Aconita.


Satanick is Kyou's boss.


Kyou teased Tsurugigozen for what happened in the book Satanick wrote about their torture and defiling of their heart by Fumus, much to their anger and displeasure.


Kyou's fellow Subordinate, only interaction shown is Envi snapping at him angrily when he asked him about their boss.


  • Kyou's name means "Evil/Misfortune".[1]


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