I want excitement! ♪

–Laurentia, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea


Character Information
Japanese Name ローレンシア
Romaji Name Rōrenshia
Character Code 0219
Location Pitch Black World (Occasionally)
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Female
Height 158cm (≈5'2")
Professional Status
Occupation Mercenary
Personal Status
Relatives Laetitia (Younger Sister)

Laurentia (ローレンシア) is a character from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. She is a demon mercenary hired by the Totsusa Kingdom.


Laurentia sprite
Laurentia has light pink hair in braided pigtails tied with red ribbons, red and black yagasuri eyes with the pupils being white, two red and black yagasuri curved horns, and a long red striped tail. She wears a yagasuri kimono, which consists of a red and light red kimono in the arrow pattern, a dark brown hakama, and lighter brown laced boots.


Laurentia loves excitement, as shown in-game when she works for the Totsusa Kingdom for something exciting to do. Other than that, not much is known about her.


Not much is known about Laurentia's past.




Wadanohara Cast

Ver Million

Ver is Laurentia's fellow mercenary hired by the Totsusa Kingdom.


Vendetto is Laurentia's fellow mercenary hired by the Totsusa Kingdom.

Other Characters


Laetitia is Laurentia's younger sister. They rarely meet due to Laurentia's work.

Battle Statistics

Statistics and Skills of Laurentia in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
Basic Information
Laurentia result Name Species
Laurentia Demon
Enemy type
HP MP Attack Defense Spirit Agility Rewards
500 9999 100 100 100 10 1500 XP
10000 Gold
Percentage chance of landing a critical hit 0/0 (0%)
Skill Target Condition Effect(s) Priority
Attack One Always None 50


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  • Her name means "Place of Honor and Victory".[1]
  • In the Wadanohara bonus room, it is mentioned in her profile that she likes tea, reading, and killing.
  • Also in the bonus room, it is said that no one knows what she is thinking.
  • In the Wadanohara bonus room clips, she mentions she is from Pitch Black World.





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