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Character Information
Japanese Name リィル | リリト
Romaji Name Ryiru | Ririto
Character Code 0167
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Female
Height 166cm(≈5'5")
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Personal Status
Relatives Satanick (Husband)

Glasses (Son)

Lil (リィル) is a character who has yet to be confirmed in a series. She is Satanick's wife and Glasses' mother.


Lil has fair skin, somber pink hair and red eyes with black pupils. Lil's hair and dress turn into multiple wings or bats, her dress is long sleeved and has an off white ruffle, she also has an off white under shirt. She has simple gray horns, which bear a striking resemblance to Reficul's horns. Her nails are painted black.

Lil also has a genderbend version named Lilit. In this form, his hair is a brighter pink and there aren't any bats extending from it. He wears a red vest with a black suit and a white undershirt, which has a cravat with a red jewel on it. He also wears various golden earrings and a golden ring on four of his fingers.


Lil is a bimbo who is good at aphrodisi-magic and showing erotic illusions. She is said to be a perverted woman.

Deep-Sea Prisoner also stated her to be a "bitch who often disappears". She, alongside Satanick, tease and annoy their son, Glasses.






Satanick is Lil's husband.


Glasses is Lil's son; she tends to tease him a lot along with Satanick.


Licorice is Lil's step-son.


Fumus is Lil's brother-in-law

Other Characters


Daimonji is Lil's former subordinate.


Anten is Lil's former subordinate.


Maekami is Lil's former subordinate.


Edabane Notice
This be a notice,
new images be banned.
As of March 26, 2016, it is not
encouraged for users to upload any of Deep-Sea Prisoner’s art to the wiki. Kindly read our upload guidelines for further reading!


  • Lil might be a reference to Lilith, a female demon of the night which would explain why she often disappears and why she is a perverted woman.
  • She can suck out the energy of any man in her clutches. Even Satanick cannot get on her level.
  • She said that, despite of sucking any man´s energy being her specialty, she also can make any man "energetic".
  • In an old illustration of Lil (Drawn back in 2011), she used to have green hair and was seen with a snake.



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