Please cheer up, Mr. Sullivan. She's merely being contrarian.
I am sure she'll understand how you feel someday...

–Maekami, Obsolete Dream (CHAPTER 5)



Female Maekami

Character Information
Japanese Name 前紙
Romaji Name Maekami
Character Code 0011
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Occupation Bartender
Personal Status

Maekami (前紙) is one of the supporting characters in Obsolete Dream. He is a bartender and seems to know everyone.


Maekami has straight short white hair and gray paper taped over his face. Under it, he is shown to have blue eyes. He also has fair skin and black nails.

He wears a formal white shirt, black vest and long pants. His horns are black and the left one has what seems to be white tape probably holding a broken part of his horn to the rest of it, same goes for his tail.


Not much is known about his personality, though in the artworks he's been featured in, he can be rather quiet and calm, oftentimes violent too. He doesn't get mad easily, but if you keep touching his tail, he'll get very angry.[1]


Maekami used to work under Lil with Anten and Daimonji. He didn't like Roc at all.





Obsolete Dream Cast


Envi is Maekami's colleague.


Kurotsuno is one of Maekami's customers.


Hanten is one of Maekami's customers.


Sullivan is one of Maekami's customers.


Gyakuten is one of Maekami's customers.


Anten was Maekami's former comrade.

Other Characters


Lil was Maekami's former boss.


Daimonji was Maekami's former comrade, he worries about him and wishes to tear apart the angel that hurt Daimonji in the past.

Roc Hijohshiki

Maekami dislikes Roc. Not much else is known about their relationship with each other.


Maekami wishes to tear them apart for what they did to Daimonji.



  • His name in Japanese means "Before paper", in reference to his mask.[2]
    • His name is also a pun on 前神, “Before God”.
  • Nobody has seen his face before.
  • He also wields a dagger.
  • He is an expert knife-thrower.
  • He used to be a drunkard, but likes to pretend that it never happened.[1]
  • According to his character info, he smells of coffee.
  • The only known physical appearance of Maekami is that he has blue eyes. This can be proved with his appearances with Lil, Anten, and Daimonji.
  • He hates wasabi.



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