Character Information
Japanese Name メピー
Romaji Name Mepī
Character Code Originally 0303[1]
Location Reficul's World
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Reficul's World
Personal Status

Mephir (メピー) is a character that has yet to appear in anything. He is from Reficul's World.


Mephir has pale white skin along with white messy hair, a lock of hair going down the middle of his face. Crimson red horns that are pierced with gold on his right horn, his horns slightly bent. Dressed within a striped suit that matches with the color of his horns, his suit is tailored with four golden buttons on the torso while two smaller golden buttons adorning each cuff of the wrist; pants are notably shifted up by his jet black shoes that are decorated with two golden dots along the sides. He wears a soft black turtleneck under his red suit, around his neck is a golden necklace that has Reficul's symbol attached to it. He excessively wears a lot of jewelry, noticeably wears rings on his fingers, all golden with red jewels, has as well a golden earring on his right pointy ear. Along with his attire, a cape with it's outer side being black, it attaches to the shoulders of the suit with a golden button, on the inner side of the cape it is a gradient beginning with red and ending with purple -- the ends of his cape look ripped. He has odd looking yellow eyes, having a swirl decorating the iris, has dark circles under his eyes.


Not much is known about his personality other than that he likes being stepped by Reficul, which is possible that he is a masochist.


No background revealed.


No appearances.



Not much is known about the two's relationship. The only known information is that Mephir likes being stepped on by Reficul.[2]


  • Mephir might be closely linked to Mephisopheles of German folkore.[3]
  • He likes the color red.


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