Bloody murder, bloody murder, oh yeahhh! Bloody murder, yeahhh! ♪
Break their skull, break their bones, bloody murder really ooowns! ♪

–Met, Obsolete Dream (CHAPTER 2)




Character Information
Japanese Name メット
紅葉林 莉佳
Romaji Name Metto
Momijibayashi Rika
Character Code 0008
Location Pitch Black World
Biological Information
Species Ghost (Currently)
Human (Formerly)
Gender Female
Height 155cm (≈5'0-5'1")
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Occupation DJ
Talkshow Host
Student (Formerly)
Personal Status

Met (メット) is one of the main characters of Obsolete Dream. She is the ghost of a human named Momijibayashi Rika. It is shown in the manga that she is Kurotsuno and Hanten's subordinate.


She has medium length maroon hair and red eyes. She wears a short sleeved tan collared shirt with a pink tie and tan shorts with red and black striped leggings and black boots. She also wears black suspender straps and a red and black striped long sleeved cuffed shirt under her collared shirt. She is mostly seen wearing her biker helmet in the manga, and her headphones in the games(as DJ Met). Her head is constantly drenched in her blood(which she claims is akin to sweat). As with her human counterpart, she carries a steel pipe.

Back when she was alive, her hair was dark brown but still had red eyes. She wore a sailor fuku which consisted of a white sailor shirt with a black collar, a red ribbon tie, and black cuffs. She also wore a black knee-length pleated skirt with black knee socks and black loafers. She appears to be covered in blood splatters (possibly from murdering), which are on her forehead, hem of her skirt, hands, and legs. In addition, she also carries a pipe that seems to be stained with blood.


Met is a positive thinking, spontaneous, lewd and annoying ghost girl. She seems to do murdering as a hobby, and most likely did it while alive, like beating people to death. In her in-game cameos, Met runs a radio show called "Bloody Radio" and is referred to as DJ Met. She has different feelings and words to different characters. She has a fascination of witches, which may be how she seems to like Wadanohara best out of all of them since she says that she wants to be with her. Met loves birds and tries to stop Kurotsuno from killing them a number of times. She also is good friends with Hanten whom she calls her "homegirl" and her "homeslice". Met also likes motorbikes and is skilled at playing the guitar.


Met was a human who seemed to have a hobby of murdering people and apparently still carries this hobby as a ghost.

As a ghost, she now lives amongst the denizens of the Pitch Black World and resides in Kurotsuno's mansion. She is the talkshow host and DJ of her own radio station "Bloody Radio".




Met with Yosafire



Obsolete Dream Cast


Kurotsuno is one of Met's friends. Kurotsuno is often annoyed at Met, and will sometimes violently attack her as response.


Hanten is Met's friend. Met is a subordinate to Hanten. She is a possible unrequited love interest.


Bis is one of Met's friends.


Reina is one of Met's friends.


Chlomaki is Met's acquaintance. They appear to be in good relations.

Other Characters


Wadanohara is one of Met's interviewees. Met once possessed Wadanohara during her interview in "Bloody Radio." She also said that she wants to be with Wadanohara out of all witches.


Yosafire is one of Met's interviewees. She and Met seem to be in good relations(as seen in her radio talk in The Gray Garden). It is not certain if their relationship was affected after their interview within the game.

Yonaka Kurai

Yonaka is one of Met's interviewees. During her radio talk in Mogeko Castle, Met teased her because of her brother complex.


Claimed to have encountered her inside Mogeko Castle, according to her interview with Yonaka. Naturally and perhaps unsurprisingly, she ran away from Moge-ko.


Possibly on bad terms, after Samekichi's intrusion inside her studio during the interview with Wadanohara.


  • Her name is possibly derived from the word helmet.
  • Met's radio station, as mentioned by her in the Bonus Rooms, is named "Bloody Radio".
  • She sweats blood instead of actual sweat. This can be seen in her radio talks with the protagonists during their respective guest appearances in her talk show.
    • The color of the blood that runs in her head differs. In the manga and other official artworks, her blood is black, while in the games it is red.
  • She can possess people and take control of their body. However, she needs the authorization of the body's owner.
    • During the radio talk with Wadanohara, she does this to her in order to beat up Samekichi who interfered her talk.
  • "Momijibayashi" means "Autumn Forest", while "Rika" means "Fragrance".[1]
  • She was shown wearing a shirt that says "Serious Lesbo" in Japanese.
    • As such, it is possible that she is a lesbian.
  • During her radio talk in The Gray Garden, Met claims that she "has someone herself" as well as that 'they' never "acknowledge her feelings". This could mean that she has an unrequited love interest.
    • From her description of the person, it is most likely Hanten.
  • If you click on her full portrait in Deep Sea Prisoner's CHARACTER page, it will load up her "Human" portrait.



  • "Now where'd ol' Kurotsun go?"(In her fourth floor cameo - Mogeko Castle)
  • "Beatin' you to death, dude!" (Mogeko Castle - Bonus Room)
  • "Witches are so cool, right?! Like, just, everything about 'em." (Obsolete Dream - Chapter 3)




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