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Character Information
Japanese Name 御波
Romaji Name Minami
Character Code 0286
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Wizard
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Samekichi (Father)
Wadanohara (Mother)
Old (Grandfather)
Meikai (Grandfather)
Syakesan (Uncle)
Tatsumiya (Aunt)

Minami (御波) is a character that has yet to make a formal appearance in Deep-Sea Prisoner's creations. He is the son of Wadanohara and Samekichi.

He is captioned as "son" in Deep-Sea Prisoner's Twitter[1] and "Wizard of the Sea" in Deep-Sea Prisoner's blog post on their website for November 18, 2016.


Minami has short, messy dark blue green hair with two longer pieces at the front; raceless white skin and grayish green eyes. He wears a sailor-inspired outfit, complete with a matching cap, suspenders, gray socks, and dark blue shoes. He carries a shark purse with him that resembles Samekichi. He possesses a youthful appearance, suggesting he is a young child.

It has been said that Minami's appearance to akin to his father's.


Not much is known about him, but he appears to have a cheerful personality.

It has been said that Minami's personality is akin to his mother's.


Minami has yet to make any substantial appearances in Deep-Sea Prisoner's creations.


Minami has not yet made an appearance in any games or comics, and has had no known dialogue.


  • The first header he appears in, he is seen holding hands with two people; Wadanohara and Samekichi.
  • The second website header appearance he makes is with Nekoyama; Minami is seen holding him, while beside a more cartoon-drawn style seagull (possibly Memoca in seagull form). In the background is a silhouette, in the shape of Wadanohara sitting on Samekichi in his shark form.



Being his mother, the two are close, and have often been seen together. The two possess similar hobbies and interest for birds. Minami is similar to personality with his mother.


As his father, Minami has made several appearances alongside Samekichi as well as his mother, and it has been said that Minami's appearance is similar to his father's.[2]



  • His name translates to “beautiful waves”.
  • In one of Deep-Sea Prisoner's works, it's shown that, as an adult, Minami has a height of 186cm.
  • Minami bears similar appearance traits to Wadanohara and Samekichi, sharing a similar hair colour with Samekichi and a similar outfit design with Wadanohara; given his species and caption given by Deep-Sea Prisoner, many fans speculate that Minami is Wadanohara and Samekichi's son.Deep-Sea Prisoner themselves has not definitively stated this connection, although they have made several allusions to their familial connection and the official translator of Deep-Sea Prisoner's games has said that Minami is Wadanohara and Samekichi's son.[3]
  • His name apparently is taken from his father's original name.[2]
  • His appearance is similar to that of his father's, while his personality is more akin to his mother's.[2]



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