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Eheheh! Hello, hello, nice to meet you! ♪
It's me, the lovable Moge-ko! ✩

–Moge-ko, Mogeko Castle


Character Information
Japanese Name もげ子
Romaji Name Mogeko
Character Code 0000-2
Location Mogeko Castle
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Humanoid Mogeko
Gender Female
Height 158cm (≈5'2")
Professional Status
Affiliation Mogeko Castle
Occupation Ruler of the 4th Floor
Personal Status

Moge-ko (もげ子) is one of the antagonists in Mogeko Castle. She is a humanoid version of a female Mogeko. She is sporadically violent and attempts to hunt Yonaka Kurai down throughout a large portion of the game ever since she met her on the fourth floor of the castle.


Moge-ko has flesh-coloured skin, and eyes with black irises (Dark purple in Mogeko Castle´s remake´s version) and white pupils. She has blonde hair that goes down to her shoulders, with two large tufts that resemble Mogeko ears at the top. She wears a black vest with three light brown buttons on top of a red dress shirt with black cuffs that sport two light brown buttons on the sides of the cuffs and a black tie, almost like a japanese high schooler uniform; to complete the schoolgirl uniform, she wears a dark red pleated skirt. Underneath her skirt, a Mogeko tail points out. On her feet are large black boots with a light brown button on the sides and red soles. If enraged or excited, Moge-ko's eyes will have either their irises turned into bright red their sclera turned into black and their pupils into red.


Moge-ko may look like a cute innocent girl, but she is a crazy psychopath. She likes to "toy" and crucify anyone she doesn't like. The Mogekos fear her because of her insane habits. Moge-ko is a sadist; she loves violence and hurting others. She has a deep dislike for violence and pain being inflicted upon her.


Moge-ko was created by the Mogekos. Candy, tabasco, and all those neat stuff were used to make "a perfect girl". But the Mogekos added concrete instead of candy, ruining the recipe. In the end, Moge-ko was created, a psychopath with the appearance of a schoolgirl.




Mogeko Castle Cast

Yonaka Kurai

After setting eyes on Yonaka, Moge-ko developed an obsession for her like the Mogekos did. She hunts Yonaka down throughout the events of Mogeko Castle, in an attempt to make Yonaka into "her toy". In one of the bad endings, she succeeds in doing so.

King mogeko

Moge-ko is King mogeko's subordinate, like the rest of the Mogeko species excluding Defect Mogeko. Despite that, it is shown in the normal ending of the game(Yonaka Castle) that he does fear Moge-ko getting angry on him.

Other Characters


It is unknown what kind of relationship the two have. Moge-ko was seen with Pancetta in an artwork.


The two are possible enemies and the two seem to have a story.


  • Most of the Mogekos' names are written in katakana (モゲコ). Moge-ko (もげ子) is mostly written in hiragana, but uses the kanji (子 -Ko ; "Child"), a suffix commonly found in female Japanese names.[1]
  • Moge-ko’s origins are a parody of animator Craig McCracken's The Powerpuff Girls, in which the three eponymous heroines were created from "sugar, spice, and everything nice."
  • Moge-ko's portrait, along with Mogeko's, in Funamusea's CHARACTER section is hidden. In order to access it, click on Nataka Kurokawa's portrait (0001), and click [← 戻] (戻 meaning "return"). This leads to Moge-ko's portrait (0000-2).
    • However in Deep-Sea Prisoner's second CHARACTER page, the two portraits can be directly found.
  • As stated in the bonus room, Moge-ko has a thing for tails and thighs. This is said to be a top-secret info.



  • "Yesss... All for Moge-ko, yes?" (Bonus Room)




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