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This article refers to the creatures from Mogeko Castle.
If you're looking for info about the artist Mogeko (Deep-Sea Prisoner), click here.
Praise be to prosciutto!

–Mogeko, Mogeko Castle


Character Information
Japanese Name モゲコ
Romaji Name Mogeko
Character Code 0000
Location Mogeko Castle
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Mogeko
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Mogeko Castle
Occupation Rapist
Personal Status
Relatives Mogeko(Brethren)

Mogeko (モゲコ) are creatures that make up part of the main antagonists of Mogeko Castle. They are perverted, violent creatures that chase after Yonaka Kurai during her time in the castle.


Mogeko look like an innocent cat-like creature, with two closed eyes, two white blush marks, a pinkish mouth, two kitty-like ears with some fur on top of the head, a small body, and a tail that curls at the end.

From time to time, Mogeko are depicted with menacing features. They appear to possess razor-sharp fangs, akin to that of a shark's. Evident in one comic, they appear to have extremely long tongues.


Each one is slightly different, some are locked up by King Mogeko, on the grounds that they are "defective." The majority of them are perverted, have countless books of pornographic content, have an unusual obsession for high school girls, and lastly, have a disgusting obsession for prosciutto. Although they are very lewd, they are in fact quite childish and pathetic, almost resembling a spoiled brat. Even though most of them share similar interests, the Mogekos don't always get along; some go to the extent of murdering each other.

Even though they are restless in their attempt to rape Yonaka, and bear overwhelming strength in numbers, they are actually quite weak individually and easy to slaughter. In Mogeko Castle, Mogekos can be interacted with and they may say "Yummy prosciutto! Praise to be prosciutto!" and prompt the option of taking it away or not. Should the prosciutto be taken away, the Mogeko will start bawling, saying "Why did you do that?! Give it baaa-ACKKK!" and they will begin to sob.

Some Mogeko differ, like the Mad Mogeko, the Zombie Mogeko, and the Trumpet Mogeko. Some Mogeko are shown to be suicidal and soulless, saying depressing things like "Do we only live to die?" or "If I had known I'd be sad everyday, I wouldn't have wished to be born." There are many differences between some Mogeko, though most have three things in common, being high school girls, porn and prosciutto. It is shown that not all Mogeko desire Yonaka, but all still possess varying levels of indecency.




A Mogeko inside a chest in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

  • Mogeko Castle - Mogeko are the residents of Mogeko Castle. They also are the titular antagonists in the game.
  • The Gray Garden - They appear as clerks in the Gray Village as well as wandering merchants and healers. They also make a cameo as a demon underling to Ivlis, to which the player can battle them. During the invasion, one of the clerks of the Gray Village shop dies, leaving the other clerk to sob over their corpse.
  • Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea - Some chests in the game are fake chests; opening one of the chests prompts a Mogeko to briefly pop out, then disappear back into the chest.


Mogeko Castle Cast

Yonaka Kurai

The majority of the Mogeko in Mogeko Castle want to rape her upon her arrival. Most end up chasing Yonaka throughout her adventure in the castle, in an attempt to capture her. In one ending they successfully capture her and is implied to rape her.

King mogeko

King mogeko is the king of the Mogeko. They worship him.


Moge-ko is the ruler of the Mogeko of the fourth floor. The Mogekos are usually terrified of her due to her psychopathic behavior.

Other Characters


Sullivan seems to hate the Mogeko. It can be seen in one mini-manga.



  • "Moge" in Japanese means "to grope", hence why they are indecent and lewd. While "Ko" in Japanese would mean "child" which would roughly translate "Mogeko" to "To grope children".
    • "Mogeko" could also be a fusion of two words: Moggy (Cat in English) and Neko (Cat in Japanese)
  • Mogeko's portrait, along with Moge-ko's, in Deep-Sea Prisoner's CHARACTER section is hidden. In order to access it, click on Nataka Kurokawa's portrait (0001), and click [← 戻] (戻 meaning "return"). Upon leading to Moge-ko's portrait (0000-2), click [← 戻] once more. This will lead to Mogeko's portrait (0000).
    • However in Deep-Sea Prisoner's second CHARACTER page, the two portraits can be directly found.
  • Certain enemies in The Gray Garden seem to be the Mogeko. See the Gallery section for their battler images.
  • Near the end of the General Hashasky's Great Adventure teaser trailer, there are two costumed Mogekos that reference characters. One Mogeko is costumed as Wadanohara and the other is costumed as Yosafire.
  • Clicking on any age-restricted game found on both Deep-Sea Prisoner's STORY pages will load their own pages for age verification. Choosing "いいえ" (NO in Japanese) will lead to a flash game where the user can use a stick to hit the Mogeko's backside for an infinite amount of times.
  • An official shimeji for Mogeko is available for download on Deep-Sea Prisoner's site. Male Alela Grora and Licorice also have their own official shimejis.[1]
  • Mogekos have made an appearance in every major game Deep-Sea Prisoner has created, though only in Mogeko Castle have they had an impact on the story.


  • "Mogege! Pant, pant... ♥︎" (Bonus Room)




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