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Mogekov Hashasky
Hash MogekovHashasky

Character Information
Japanese Name モゲコフ・ハスハスキー
Romaji Name Mogekofu Hasuhasukī
Location Mogeko Kremlin
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Hashasky
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Mogeko Kremlin
Occupation General
Personal Status

Mogekov Hashasky ( モゲコフ・ハスハスキー) is a Mogeko-like creature from another area that cameos in Mogeko Castle. He will have his own game coming up soon, General Hashasky's Great Adventure, possibly being the protagonist as seen in the game's screenshots. He seems to be analogous to King mogeko as they both rule their respective kingdoms.


Mogekov may look like a Mogeko, but he is completely different. He is white, and has a brown mogeko tail, with a dark blue russian fur hat that has a print of a Mogeko head and a dark blue furry scarf. He's from Russia.


He's fond of frozen yogurt and tends to cry easily, but will deny that he's crying. He also seems to be fond of alcohol and can certainly hold his liquor.




Mogeko Castle Series Cast


Moge-kov is Mogekov's subordinate.


Moge-ko is Mogekov's possible captor and enemy.


It is currently unknown what type of relationship the two have.

Other Characters


  • Mogekov Hashasky is the general of his own castle, the Mogeko Kremlin.
  • Even though he is from Russia (which technically makes him Russian), he does not know how to speak Russian.
  • He can hold his liquor.


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  • "Harasho!" (Mogeko Castle Bonus Room)



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