Male Nagi

Character Information
Japanese Name なぎ
Romaji Name Nagi
Character Code 0232
Location Iceberg Isle
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Killer Whale
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Iceberg Isle
Personal Status
Relatives Takama (Father)
Idate (Uncle)

Nagi (なぎ) is a humanoid killer whale from Deep Sea Prisoner's series, Ice Scream. She is Idate's niece and has a terse dislike for Rocma.


Nagi looks similar to Idate in terms of genetic appearance, such as the head fin, tail, two white spots on their heads, and their monochrome palette. Her eyes are black with white pupils. Her hair is a dark gray, and has a straight cut bangs, while her long hair is in twin braids. Her tail is a somewhat light gray, and is white underneath. Nagi sports a school-themed long-sleeved black shirt with a thin white bow on her chest area, while there are two thin light gray marks on her collar and the cuffs of the shirt. She wears a white turtleneck that is quite thick on her neck. Nagi also pairs her shirt with a black pleated skirt with two thin gray stripes at the bottom of the folds. Underneath the skirt is a lace-like petticoat. She wears white stockings with black uniform shoes (Mary Janes) to go with it. Her nails are a light gray.


Although not seen in too many of Deep Sea Prisoner's comics, the comics that Nagi does appear in suggest that she's very practical, although being treated like a child by her uncle, Idate. She seems to have envy towards Rocma, as she steals most of her uncle's attention.

In recent updates in DSP's third JUNK log, Nagi reveals a more violent personality by cutting off Idate's tail and eating it.


Not much is known about her.




Ice Scream Cast


Idate is Nagi's uncle. She loves him very much as her uncle despite her father disapproving of her hanging around Idate. In some images of the third JUNK section, she can be seen killing Idate and eating his tail. In turn, Idate sees her as a niece and treats her like a child.


Takama is Nagi's father. He forbids her to get close to Idate for an unknown reason.


Yukisada is one of Nagi's neighbors in Iceberg Isle.


Shirogane is one of Nagi's neighbors in Iceberg Isle.


Peraco is one of Nagi's neighbors in Iceberg Isle.


Rocma is one of Nagi's neighbors in Iceberg Isle. Nagi dislikes her for stealing her uncle's attention. In an update it is revealed that she also wants to kill Rocma, this is likely because she doesn't appreciate how much attention that Rocma recieves from Idate despite the woman having no knowledge of Nagi's existence.


Mafuyu is one of Nagi's neighbors in Iceberg Isle.


Rock is one of Nagi's neighbors in Iceberg Isle.


  • There seems to be other orcas in the orca family chart (see below), but their identities have yet to be revealed.


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