I'll tear up your pretty little face...

–Old, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Old Character Art

Character Information
Japanese Name オルド
Romaji Name Orudo
Character Code 0256
Location Sea of Death
The Blue Sea Kingdom (Previously)
Biological Information
Species Shark
Gender Male
Height 186cm (≈6'1")
Professional Status
Affiliation Sea of Death
Meikai's Familiars
The Blue Sea Kingdom (Previously)
Occupation Mikotsuhime's Underling
Meikai's Familiar (Previously)
Personal Status
Relatives Syakesan (Son)

Samekichi (Son) Minami(Grandson)

Old (オルド) is one of the antagonists of Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. He is a humanoid shark and an inhabitant of the Sea of Death. He is the former familiar of Meikai and the parent to Samekichi and Sal.


Old sprite
Old has messy black hair tied in a ponytail and a dorsal fin on his head. He has threelarge scars on his face over each of his eyes, the one on his left eye is two scars intersecting into a cross, and on his right a thick line going down. His tail is also badly scarred, covered in nicks and scratches. He wears a long black coat over his shoulders and under that he has a gray dress shirt and a black tie. His pants and boots are also black.


Old's personality before the War remains a mystery; however in regards to his personality in the Sea of Death he is shown to have a sadistic personality as he finds pleasure in the idea of harming his former familiar comrade, Tatsumiya. In the English translation his voice depicts a pirate-esque usage of words, such as 'lass' (when referring to Tatsumiya). He appears to be the type to hold grudges, for example his grudge against Tatsumiya for permanently scarring his face. Not only that he behaves with scant of any regards to how his actions will effect others, as he focuses more on his own gain rather then how others will feel about it. For instance, his reasoning behind betraying the Sea Kingdom is simply that he would get nothing out of staying given the situation of Mikotsuhime's revolt.


He was previously one of Meikai's familiars, though defected to the Sea of Death for reasons currently unknown. Along with Mikotsuhime and other denizens of the Sea of Death, Old was sealed away by Meikai's sacrifice.




Wadanohara Cast


Old was once Meikai's familiar, before defecting from the Blue Sea and becoming part of the Sea of Death forces. It is unknown as to why Old betrayed Meikai, although it may be related to the reason his once-fellow familiar Tatsumiya gave him his facial scars. Sheep had accused Meikai of seemingly "stealing" Old, what this implies is yet to be answered.


Sal is Old's eldest son, although they do not know of their familial relationship. He and his father bear a strong resemblance to each other.


Samekichi is Old's youngest son, although they do not know about their familial relationship. He and his father bear a strong resemblance to each other. The two have both been accused of being traitors to the Sea Kingdom. Tatsumiya makes this connection in the manga when thinking of Old and Samekichi's striking resemblance and seemingly same fate.


Old works under Mikotsuhime as one of her subordinates, he is regarded as one of the stronger denizens of the Sea of Death and is recognized in this high regard by the other residents.


Tatsumiya was formerly Old's fellow familiar, both of them serving under Meikai. Tatsumiya was the one who had given him his facial scars, causing dispute between them in-game as Old holds a grudge against her for permanently ruining his face thus driving him to do the same to the oarfish; the reason as to why Tatsumiya had done this is unknown but their previous feud had likely taken place during the events of Mikotsuhime's revolt.

Tatsumiya refuses to forgive Old for betraying the Sea Kingdom, seeing him as a traitor; Old, however, is not in search for forgiveness and does not regret his choice in betraying the Sea Kingdom as he had described that "there would be nothing" for him staying there.


Sheep is one of the Old's comrades in the Sea of Death, he has been shown feeling confused in their presence because of how touchy the ammonite was getting; Sheep on the other had shows to have an interest in the shark, this could be further proven by the fact that Old is the only thing listed in the Likes of their bio in the Bonus Room. They have been shown in artwork together.


Squid is one of Old's comrades in the Sea of Death; they have been drawn in artwork together along with Sheep.

Other Characters


In-game, Idate interferes with Old's combat with Tatsumiya, it doesn't take too long for the shark to get beaten by the orca. Idate had described Old to be the wife-beater type and his distaste in "those type of guys", not to mention the orca's interest in beating up sharks is likely his motivation to proceed to attack Old (and succeeding). There is artwork of Idate holding a beaten up Old who is angry. Idate is impressed that, unlike Samekichi, Old is able to get back up from being beaten and still have energy to fight; in spite of this their combat does not continue as Idate follows Wadanohara's request to take Tatsumiya somewhere safe.


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  • In one omake Old is proven to be Samekichi and Sal's father, even though he is unaware of this.
  • Old has been compared to Samekichi in the manga, as the young shark had been suspected by Tatsumiya to have been going down the same path as Old. The two share similar fashion sense as well as having scars on their body, they also have been accused of being a traitor.
    • This could imply that Samekichi takes after his father; however his choices lead him to path opposite to his father's fate of residing in the Sea of Death.
  • Old is one of Deep Sea Prisoner's top tallest characters, he is smaller then Satanick but taller then most characters who have listed heights.
  • In an outdated QnA[1], when asked (jokingly) if Meikai was Old's wife, Deep Sea Prisoner did not answer the question and instead questioned where the question about Old's homosexuality came from.


  • "Long time, eh, Tatsumiya....?" - in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
  • "Either way... if I hadn't backstabbed, even the Sorcerer wouldn't be no good." - in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea



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