–Old, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Old Character Art

Character Information
Japanese Name オルド
Romaji Name Orudo
Character Code 0256
Location Sea of Death
The Blue Sea Kingdom (Previously)
Biological Information
Species Shark
Gender Male
Height 186cm (≈6'1")
Professional Status
Affiliation Sea of Death
Meikai's Familiars
The Blue Sea Kingdom (Previously)
Occupation Mikotsuhime's Underling
Meikai's Familiar (Previously)
Personal Status
Relatives Syakesan (Son)

Samekichi (Son) Minami(Grandson)

Old (オルド) is one of the antagonists of Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. He is a humanoid shark and an inhabitant of the Sea of Death.


Old sprite
Old has messy black hair tied in a ponytail and a dorsal fin on his head. He has two large scars on his face over each of his eyes, the one on his left eye in an X shape and on his right a thick line. His tail is also badly scarred, covered in nicks and scratches. He wears a long black coat over his shoulders and under that he has a gray dress shirt and a black tie. His pants and boots are also black.


He seems to be slightly sadistic and enjoys fighting.


He was previously one of Meikai's familiars, though defected to the Sea of Death for reasons currently unknown. Along with Mikotsuhime and other denizens of the Sea of Death, Old was sealed away by Meikai's sacrifice.




Wadanohara Cast


Old was once Meikai's familiar, before defecting from the Blue Sea and becoming part of the Sea of Death forces. It is unknown as to why Old betrayed Meikai, although it may be related to the reason his once-fellow familiar Tatsumiya gave him his facial scars.


Sal is Old's eldest son, although they do not know of their familial relationship. He and his father bear a strong resemblance to each other.


Samekichi is Old's youngest son, although they do not know about their familial relationship. He and his father bear a strong resemblance to each other.


Mikotsuhime is Old's princess.


Tatsumiya was formerly Old's fellow familiar, both of them serving Meikai. For unknown reasons, Tatsumiya gave Old his facial scars.


Sheep is Old´s fellow comrade of the Sea of Death. Sheep tried to flirt with him once.


Squid is Old´s fellow comrade of the Sea of Death.

Other Characters


Idate is Old's one-time enemy. Old was beaten up by the orca, due to his nature as a shark.


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  • In one omake Old is proven to be Samekichi and Sal's father, even though he is unaware of this.




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