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Char Pancetta

Character Information
Biological Information
Species Mogeko
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Mogeko(Brethren)

Pancetta is a character that has yet to make a formal appearance in Deep-Sea Prisoner's creations. She appears to be a humanoid Mogeko, similar to Moge-ko.


Pancetta has tan skin; blonde hair tied up into two thin pigtails, with 'ears' notably similar to a Mogeko's; and eyes that resembles Moge-ko's. She has strange glyph writing on both of her biceps.

She wears a white dress with a cut at the left hip and ties into a bow at her neck; dark coloured shorts; brown gladiator sandals with orange and light brown triangular shapes around the sole; white bracelets; a white necklace; and she holds a decorated spear.


Not much is known about her.


Not much is known about her.



It is unknown what kind of relationship the two have.

Mogekov Hashasky

It is unknown what kind of relationship the two have.


It is unknown what kind of relationship the two have.




  • Her name, Pancetta, is a type of Italian bacon.
  • In Somewhat Strange Mogeko's room, there is a note on the floor that reads: "Prosciutto VS Pancetta ~Clash of the Gods~" it could possibly be referring to Pancetta and Lord Prosciutto.


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