Character Information
Japanese Name フォトン
Romaji Name Foton
Character Code 0279
Biological Information
Professional Status
Personal Status

Photon (フォトン) is a character that has yet to make a formal appearance in Deep-Sea Prisoner's creations.


Photon has white hair with messy bangs and yellow swirling eyes. They wear a dark blue hoodie with gray drawstrings and short pants. Their footwear consists of gray socks and a pair of dark blue boots with blue soles and a golden button at the side.


Not much is known about them.


Not much is known about them.


Up to this day, Photon has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner´s illustrations.



Photon was shown holding a bouquet of flowers and crying above Ivlis, who was under water, the title was written " To you, who will never shine," with words at the end “Goodnight". It is currently unknown what kind of relationship the two have.


  • Photon's name is derived from photon, the elementary particle of electromagnetic waves, such as light.
  • They often appear with a submarine.


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