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Poemi wanna start slaughtering soon...

–Poemi, The Gray Garden


Character Information
Japanese Name ポエミ
Romaji Name Poemi
Character Code 0112
Location Flame World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Female
Height 149cm (≈4'11")
Professional Status
Affiliation Flame World
Occupation Ivlis' Subordinate
Personal Status
Relatives Ivlis (Father)
Adauchi (Brother)
Licorice (Half-brother)
Siralos (Grandfather)
Igls Unth (Aunt)

Poemi (ポエミ) is a demon from the Flame World in The Gray Garden. She is one of Ivlis' children and one of the minor antagonists of the game.


Poemi sprite
Poemi has ridged horns, wings, and tail. Her tail and horns are red, and her wings are red on the outside and pinkish on the inside. Her eyes are reddish orange with a black pupil. She has light brown hair which is tied into two pigtails with red bows and red hands similar to most flame demons with white nails. Her outfit consists of a red and white dress with white cuffs with three golden buttons on the side,  a white sailor collar with the triangular neckpiece being light red and the ribbon being red, a black belt with a golden buckle, white stockings/leggings/socks(?), and red shoes with one red bow on the side of each shoe. However, in her in-game appearance, her shoes were black and didn't have any bows. She also lacked the three buttons on her cuffs in her in-game appearance.


Poemi's childishness clashes disturbingly with her psychopathic tendencies. She likes “playing” with “toys” (brutally torturing, killing, and eating people). Her bio states that she loves her father and hates the sea.


Poemi was possibly born from flame and has followed Ivlis and helped him with his "work."






The Gray Garden Cast


Ivlis is Poemi's father. She loves him and helps him with his "work".


Rieta is Poemi's fellow comrade.


Emalf is Poemi's fellow comrade.

Other Characters


Adauchi is Poemi's brother. She loves him and their relationship is pretty good.


Licorice is her half-brother, they are seemingly on good terms with each other.

Igls Unth

Igls is Poemi's aunt.


Siralos is Poemi's grandfather


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The Gray Garden

Other Photos


  • It is implied that Poemi was born from fire.
  • Her name means poems/poetry in Italian.[1]


  • "Poemi wanna start slaughtering soon..."




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