Poison Bugs
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Japanese Title ポイゾン・バグズ
Romaji Title Poizon Baguzu
Media Information
Type of Media Flash Video
Series Poison Bugs
Official Page
Major Protagonist: Tsumuri
Minor Ico · Jam · Maimai · Memez · Mitsuki · Odea
Pages of Official Translations
English sammi
Italian rupicola team

Poison Bugs is a flash video series that Deep-Sea Prisoner have posted onto their YouTube channel. Since then, they have created a flash video on a separate webpage for Poison Bugs on their blog. Translations have been put up on YouTube, however, only the first episode is currently translated.


Poison Bugs is about the life of Tsumuri and his friends. Most characters are some sort of bug, and some of them have made cameos in other series. Only one video has been released so far, hence there is not very much information on the series.


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Poison Bugs Characters
Major Scor · Tsumuri
Minor Ico* · Jam* · Maimai* · Memez · Mitsuki · Odea*
* – character that hasn't appeared yet
Deep-Sea Prisoner
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