Character Information
Japanese Name プトマイン
Romaji Name Putomain
Character Code Originally 0268 [1]
Biological Information
Species Witch
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status

Ptomain (プトマイン) is a character currently missing from Deep-Sea Prisoner's character page, but appears in the first JUNK section.


Ptomain has long white disheveled hair in a braid; raceless skin; and weary blue eyes.

She wears a bi-pointed witch hat, with a stylized skull insignia pinned to its brim, grayish purple on the outside and purple in the inside. She wears light gray hospital pajamas with white polka dots, paired with hospital slippers which is the same colour as her witch hat. A purple IV appears to be inserted into the left wrist, the IV hung from a IV rack with feet at the bottom.


Not much is known about her.


Nothing much is known about Ptomain.





Ptomain seems to know her.


Ptomain seems to know her.


  • In one of Deep Sear Prisoner's works, Ptomain is likely sick.
  • Her name is derived from ptomaine, a type of poisoning chemical.[2]
  • Her original character code is 0268.[1] However as of now, this is the character code of Utareduyoi Tsubaki.


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