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That Rawberry... she's a worrisome girl.

–Raspbel Preserves, The Gray Garden

Raspbel Preserves

Character Information
Japanese Name ラズベル・プリザーブ
Romaji Name Razuberu Purizābu
Character Code 0188
Location Gray Garden
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Female
Height 161cm (≈5'3")
Professional Status
Affiliation Gray Garden
Personal Status
Relatives Cranber (Ancestor)
Rawberry Preserves (Younger Sister)

Raspbel Preserves (ラズベル・プリザーブ) is one of the supporting characters in The Gray Garden. She is Rawberry's older sister.


Raspbel Preserves Sprite
Raspbel has peach hair that fades into red demon wings with two additional wings on the crown of her head. Her eyes are pink, and in-game she wears a simple black dress with a red ribbon, white cuffs, and black Mary Jane's. Her character art shows her with a pink underskirt, magenta over skirt that has a triangular like cut out in front and frills on the hem, cuffs with hearts on each, and a frilled short white capelet around her neck with a magenta bat brooch, a turtleneck, and a pink underside, and black leggings with crimson Mary Jane shoes.


Raspbel appears very nice and polite at first. However from a bonus room video, it can be assumed that she is still violent, with a cannibalistic habit.







The Gray Garden Cast

Rawberry Preserves

Rawberry is Raspbel's younger sister.

Other Characters


Cranber is Raspbel's ancestor. Rawberry shares the same ancestor with her.


  • The bonus room states that she has a hobby of cleaning.
  • She has cannibalistic tendencies which is a trait she shares with her sister.
  • She and Rawberry are the reincarnation of Cranber.
  • She is one of the two only characters in The Gray Garden who share a common ancestor.
  • She can´t wake up by herself. That's why she needs the help of Rawberry to do so.
  • Apparently, Etihw knows about Raspbel's insanity.[1]


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  • "That Rawberry... she's a worrisome girl." (bonus room)




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