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I'm hungry. ♪

–Rawberry Preserves, The Gray Garden

Rawberry Preserves

0160 (1)


Character Information
Japanese Name ロベリィ・プリザーブ
Romaji Name Roberī Purizābu
Character Code 0160
Location Gray Garden
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Female
Height 154cm (≈5'0-5'1")
Professional Status
Affiliation Gray Garden
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Cranber (Ancestor)
Raspbel Preserves (Older Sister)
Education Gray Village School

Rawberry Preserves (ロベリィ・プリザーブ) is one of the main characters of The Gray Garden. She is a female demon and Macarona's best friend.



Rawberry has long pink hair that has a red underside kept in a ponytail which can also function as wings with a black bat-like hair accessory that fades to red at the ends holding up her hair, pink eyes, raceless white skin and pointy ears. She wears a puffy black dress with a white petticoat and a long-sleeved turtleneck white undershirt with black hearts on the cuffs underneath, a black bat accessory that also fades to red at the ends in the collar of her dress, white stockings and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes with red heart motifs.


The most notable personality trait Rawberry has is the need to eat. A considerable amount of dialogue has her munching on something or talking about getting something to eat. She also seems to doze off often. Near the end of the game, she asks to eat someone's arm, being Kcalb's.


Rawberry loves to eat, especially bugs. In the bonus room, it states that she's after seafood. She has an elder sister named Raspbel Preserves.





The Gray Garden Cast

Raspbel Preserves

Raspbel is Rawberry's elder sister.


Macarona is Rawberry's best friend.


Yosafire is one of Rawberry's close friends.


Froze is one of Rawberry's close friends.


Dialo is one of Rawberry's close friends.


Chelan is one of Rawberry's close friends.

Other Characters


Cranber is Rawberry's ancestor. Raspbel shares the same ancestor with her.


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In-game Photos

The Gray Garden

The Gray Garden Remake

Other Photos


  • Her name might be derived from the fruit "Strawberry".[1]
  • Her last name "Preserves" is a word used to describe all types of jam and jellies.
  • The bonus room states that she likes Macarona and has a hobby of eating.
  • Rawberry is one of the characters of The Gray Garden that makes a cameo in Mogeko Castle".
  • She has cannibalistic tendencies, which is a trait she shares with her sister.
  • She and Raspbel are the reincarnation of Cranber.
  • She is one of the two only characters in The Gray Garden who share a common ancestor.


  • "Bugs are friends! ♪" (To Macarona)
  • "She's sooo nice. ♪ She makes delicious snacks for the Rawberry snacking! ♪" (About Raspbel, said by Rawberry)
  • "They've got the best screams. ♪" (To Raspbel, about the flame bats)
  • "I'm hungry. ♪" (bonus room)
  • "Tasty meat..." (After Ater and Arbus destroyed Emalf's familiar)




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