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Reley Lo

Character Information
Japanese Name リリィ・ロー
Romaji Name Ririi· rō
Character Code 0051
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Mermaid
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Blue Sea
Occupation Explorer
Personal Status
Relatives Irena (Older Sister)

Reley Lo (リリィ・ロー) is a character that has yet to appear. She is a mermaid and Irena's little sister who went to go explore the world.


Reley Lo has long light greenish/yellowish hair and orange eyes with white pupils. She has yellow-colored nails and wears a blue-bowed sailor suit along with a blue-bowed sailor hat (sometimes it is black) with an unknown crest on it. She has a light greenish/yellowish mermaid tail with a blue bow on the end.







Irena is Reley's big sister.


  • Her name is an anagram of "Lorelei"[1]
  • It's unknown where her location is.
  • It's also unknown how she magically got her legs.


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