Robust (ロバスト) is one of the characters that has yet to officially appear in any series. He is a jackal and seems to drink quite a lot.


Character Information
Japanese Name ロバスト
Romaji Name Robasuto
Character Code 0091
Location Unknown
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Jackal
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status


Robust has medium-length messy blond hair, dark green eyes and raceless white skin. He wears a brown aviator hat with long rabbit-like ears. He also wears a light brown sweater over a high-necked white undershirt, black pants and a pair of black shoes. He has a furry brown tail and is always shown holding a bottle of alcohol.

His old character design features him with fair human skin instead. He wore a brown jacket, a white aviator scarf, and brown pants in which the ends were tucked inside his brown boots.


Robust is a heavy drinker. In his character portrait, he seems lethargic.


Not much is known about him yet.


He has yet to appear in any series.



It is unknown what kind of relationship they have. Both were seen in a picture together.


  • He drinks from dawn to dusk.


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