Sin (シン) is a character that has yet to formally appear in any series. She is based off of the serpent in the Garden of Eden from the Bible and is Reficul's wife. Mors is her and Reficul's son.


Character Information
Japanese Name シン
Romaji Name Shin
Character Code 0140
Location Reficul's World
Biological Information
Species Serpent (?)
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Reficul's World
Personal Status
Relatives Mors (Son)

Reficul (Wife)


Sin has race-less white skin with long, mildly wavy, platinum blonde hair with a tint of mint green. Her bangs are straight cut and swept to the side. A white flower with green leaves is tucked in her hair, as well as attached to her right sleeve. She has red eyes. Strung around her neck resides a large golden key. However, it is unknown where it goes to or unlocks. She wears a long white turtle neck dress, with ruffles on the hem. The inside of her sleeves are yellow, and she wears a frilly green cape tied with a large bow of the same color over her dress. Her bottom half is composed of an olive green serpent body with the under side being light brown.


Not much is known about Sin's personality (as she has not appeared in any stories as of yet) other than she is kind and extremely loving. She accepts her wife's relationship with Lzet, stating, "it is understandable to love more than one person."[1]


Not much is known about her.


Up to this day, Sin has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's Illustrations.




Sin's wife and lover. It is heavily implied that the two are extremely close with one another.


Her son. The two are very close.


  • Sin may be based off the serpent from the Bible that deceived Eve into eating the forbidden fruit.
  • She is commonly associated with flowers.
  • Her name means "an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law." which is commonly used in the Bible to proclaim an unlawful act against God.
    • Sin is also a Thai name meaning "money".
  • She is likely based off of the daughter of Satan in the story Paradise Lost, who so happens to share the name Sin. In the story, Sin is described to have lower half of a serpent and the upper half of a beautiful woman; she has been described to have been surrounded by hellish barking dogs, and across from her is her phantomish son, Death (Mors ). 
    • Sin has been drawn in a lake before surrounded by hellish dogs.
    • Mors, her son's name is the Latin noun for death, as well as being the embodiment of death in ancient Roman myth and literature.
    • In her character portrait, Sin is seen wearing a key; Sin in the story of Paradise Lost is the guardian of Hell's gate. The key that Sin is wearing could prefigure to her being a gatekeeper in Hell's realm.


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