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It was hard getting today off, you know?! And when I call you, you never answer, and when you do you just berate me and hang up! Why would you be so cruel?

–Sullivan, Obsolete Dream (CHAPTER 4)


Character Information
Japanese Name サリヴァン
Romaji Name Sarivuan
Character Code 0010
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Height 183cm(≈6'0")
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Occupation Yagi's Underling
Personal Status
Relatives Kurotsuno (Daughter)

Sullivan (サリヴァン) is a supporting character from Obsolete Dream. He is Kurotsuno's father and works under Yagi.


Sullivan has medium-length sand colored hair. His eyes, like Kurotsuno's, are bright yellow with black sclera. He wears a black suit and tie with black oxfords. His horns are similar to Kurotsuno's left horn. They form a sort of zigzag pattern and are gray with three black stripes on them.


Sullivan seems to be very childish at times. As shown in Chapter 4 of Obsolete Dream, he is quick to cry when Kurotsuno tells him to leave and when Glasses drags him away after being rejected by Kurotsuno herself.

It should be noted he continues to call Kurotsuno, "Olivia" despite her change in race. He is very loving towards his daughter, and cries easily when she is cruel to him.

It seems he also can be very violent, and often gets into confrontations with Gyakuten. Hanten states that "he ain't got the best temper either"[1], which is one trait he shares with his daughter.


In the past, Sullivan's tie was red. It is currently speculated that he is originally from the The Gray Garden world.

In Mogeko Castle, Yonaka Kurai can find a note on the ground that is speculated to be written by Sullivan as a human, as it says, "I love you, Olivia..... - Papa"




  • Mogeko Castle - Indirect cameo wherein he made a letter addressed to Olivia.


Obsolete Dream Cast


Kurotsuno is Sullivan's daughter. Has bad relations with. He hopes one day she will understand how he feels.


Yagi is Sullivan's boss. He once forced him to drink alcohol against his will.


Glasses is Sullivan's underling.

Other Characters


  • His name means "dark eyes" or "dark-eyed one". [2]
  • Sullivan might have made a brief cameo in Mogeko Castle. There is a letter that reads, "I wanted to say a final goodbye to my daughter... I'm sorry I've failed you as a father... I love you, Olivia... - Papa"
  • He is stated to be a big crybaby and afraid of Mogekos.
  • He bleeds easily and can turn into a crow. Chapter 4 of Obsolete Dream supports the two facts.
  • He has asthma due to an ulcer as his profile states.[3]
  • He apparently doesn't like alcohol, specifically sake.



"To whomever should read this letter:
By the time you read this, I am surely gone.
This castle is dangerous.
You must find some means of escape.
If you cannot escape this place, you will never elude the Mogekos...
They are persistent. Oddly, no matter where I hide, they're always come right for me.
Hide, and hide, and hide...
They always find me soon enough...
And I kill and kill them... but there's no end...
They come one after another.
.....This is no more than a hypothesis, but perhaps they are.....
It seems they're back again.
I know it's futile, but I will run.
While I can still move...
I wanted to say a final goodbye to my daughter...
I'm sorry I've failed as a father...
I love you, Olivia.....
– Papa"

Letter found in Mogeko Castle




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