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The Gray Garden: a world where angels and demons live in harmony.
Yosafire, a demon who likes flowers, enjoys a carefree life with her friends.
Then one day, a mysterious bat appears in the garden...

The Gray Garden


Gray garden title screen

Japanese Title 灰色庭園
Romaji Title Haiiro Teien
Media Information
Type of Media Game
Series The Gray Garden
Engine RPG Maker 2000
Platforms Windows
MacOS (via RPGHub)
Release Date December 27, 2012
Latest Update Version 1.08 (08/25/2014)
Official Page
Pages of Official Translations
Chinese (simplified) 丝绮拉工作室
English vgperson
Indonesian Shiyori NekoChi
Italian rupicola team
Portuguese Zero Corpse
Spanish Tsumin

The Gray Garden is Deep-Sea Prisoner's second game and contains less graphic content than Mogeko Castle. Blood, violence, and body horror are featured, however, these are rather minimal and not presented in a startling fashion.

The story centers around a demon girl, Yosafire, and her homeland, the Gray World.

On April 1st, 2014, a parody game by the name of Garden Gray The was released, featuring some of the main cast of The Gray Garden depicted with opposite genders.


The game starts out with Yosafire, a young demon girl, playing with the flowers in the Gray Garden, an anomaly world where demons and angels live together in peace. The game first follows her everyday life, introducing the player to her various friends: Froze, an angel girl who Yosafire claims is her "friend sworn in love"; Rawberry, a demon who loves to eat; Macarona, a shy angel with a grip strength of 500; Dialo, a demon who is known for her apple pies; and Chelan, a mute angel who lives with Dialo. Things seem to be going normally, until one day Yosafire is attacked by a flaming bat in the flower garden. From there, the story reveals that another world is attacking the Gray Garden, and the "adults" of the world --Etihw, the god of the Gray Garden; Kcalb, the devil of the Gray Garden; Wodahs, Kcalb's brother and the Head Angel; and Grora, an archangel-- move into action.

Certain individuals go missing, and the group of Yosafire, Froze, Macarona, and Rawberry end up going on an adventure to save their home from the invading world, dubbed the Flame World. Various demons from there attack the girls as they go around, and they fight off anyone who comes in their way. The girls get knocked out by Rieta, who gives them to Poemi and Emalf to imprison back in the Flame World, but manage to make it back to the Gray Garden with the help of a "Passing Demon" and Kcalb's cat minions, Ater and Arbus.

It is then revealed that Ivlis, the Devil of the Flame World, invaded the Gray Garden to take Kcalb's power for his own. The girls fight him and his underlings to save their world, and end up successful in the true ending.

While The Gray Garden is on a light-hearted premise for the most part, it is revealed by several bad endings and by the words of some of the characters the history of the Gray Garden. Before the Gray Garden came into existence, there had been a war between Kcalb and Etihw for unknown reasons. Many demons and angels died in the war, Kcalb and Etihw ending the war with only two subordinates left, each. A number of events occurred during the war, and the war ended by unknown means. The normal ending reveals that Etihw, failing to prevent the deaths of the denizens of the Gray Garden, suffers from PTSD over unknown events that occurred during the Great War. A mysterious character observes them, monologuing over Etihw's lamenting.

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