The Reminiscences of Star

Character Information
Japanese Name 星の追憶
Romaji Name Hoshi no Tsuioku
Character Code 0280
Biological Information
Professional Status
Personal Status

The Reminiscences of Star (星の追憶) is a character that has yet to appear in any artworks or games.


The Reminiscences of Star has golden swirling eyes. They have light orange hair that curls up at the end with golden balls(?). They wear a puffy sleeved shirt with light brown suspender skirt, revealing a petticoat underneath. They also wear dark brown pants with star accessories on it and brown shoes. Also, they have white bunny ears and a brown telescope with light brown star patterns in it and a bunny that looks similiar to a Totsusa Soldier, and the bunny has a black ribbon on its neck. Golden stars suround them.






  • On Deep-Sea Prisoner's website, they are one of the only two characters, the other being Higan, to be alone in a category.



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