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The Sea King
Sea king

Character Information
Location The Sea Kingdom (Previously)
Biological Information
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation The Sea Kingdom (Previously)
Occupation Ruler of the Sea Kingdom (Previously)
Personal Status
Relatives Uomihime (Daughter)
Mikotsuhime (Daughter)

The Sea King (滄海原) was the original ruler of the Blue Sea in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.

Before falling into a deep slumber, he bestowed his position of ruler to his daughter Uomihime.


The Sea King appears to be a very regal person, living up to name. His hair is pure white, bangs stylized into a messy hime cut parted to the left, and a high ponytail that reaches to an undetermined length; judging by pictures, the length exceeds the length of his body..He wears traditional jōe, with a white outer tunic and a deep blue undergarment. The ends of his outer sleeves are scaled, light blue and white in coloring. His sashinuki, or pants, are dark gray, trimmed with black. One of his most noteworthy features are the horns that protrude from either side of his head, four in number, resembling antlers in shape. On his face are blue markings, two lines beneath each eye. He appears to have clawed hands, gray in color, with sharp white claws protruding from each finger. 


He is known as a very powerful being, and his influence still affects the Blue Sea, long after he descended the throne; all of the residents seem to respect the King to some degree.

Jiiya, Uomihime's fish servant, describes the Sea King as cruel, due to his influence in instigating a rivalry and war between his two daughters. His reasons and motives for his actions are currently unknown, though may be brought to light in the future.



The Sea King was mentioned in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, but he never made a direct appearance. Instead, he only appeared in cameos or references. The Sea King was the previous ruler of the Blue Sea, but when it came time for him to step down from his position, he chose his daughter, Uomi, as his successor, before going to sleep. During the game's events, he still remained asleep, his true status and location being unknown.


Wadanohara Cast


Uomihime is The Sea King's eldest daughter. The Sea King chose Uomihime as his successor, over her sister Mikotsuhime.


Mikotsuhime is The Sea King's younger daughter. It is unknown how he feels about her, though Mikotsu holds bitter feelings toward him for seemingly abandoning her and favoring her sister over her. While Mikotsuhime is deeply wounded and betrayed by her father for his actions, she dearly loves him, calling out for him while she suffers during her sealing by Meikai.


  • Judging by his appearance, mainly by his horns and scales, there are some signs pointing to the idea that the Sea King could maybe be an eastern dragon, well-known for being powerful water deities, and oftentimes associated with royal status and authority.
  • The Sea King's appearance is remarkably similar to Artamos, the king of the Tosatsu kingdom. From their outfits, to hairstyles, to the eye-like markings on their cheeks, they both greatly resemble each other.


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