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    12:55, April 15, 2016

    (whoopsie... I forgot to highlight the thread)

    Hmm... okay.

    This has been bugging with me for quite a while now. A lot of DSP's art is in this wikia and we are not even sure if we have permission from them.

    I asked the wiki's founder if the wiki has permission a month or two ago. No response.

    Three months ago, it seems that an admin sent a permission request to them. But currently there seems to be no new updates from her yet.

    We have discussed about this and I think it's about time that we should do it. It would be a shame if they find their art here without notice.

    So, let's take out step one. What will be our first approach?

    Prof signature Talkin' to you to death, dude! [  talk   contribs   blog  ] 05:45, March 20, 2016 (UTC)

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    • I proposed we ask DSP on their Twitter for permission. Mogeko Violette has already talked to them there. Plus it seems like DSP been using Twitter as a replacement for Tumblr these days. So I guess either me, Violette, or you (if you have a Twitter.) could ask. How about it?

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    • (Oh yeah, I've recently created a Twitter before creating this thread)

      Yeah. Twitter seems to be our best bet here. Though I'm not sure who will send our permission. Violette would be a very good choice as she's good with Jap and DSP even replied to one of her MM art.

      But before we discuss who to send the permission, I guess we would have to construct our permission letter first...

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    • maybe i could help

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    • Oh yeah you're from Japan, right?

      Hmm... That's good. For now wait for someone else especially these users as I believe that they can guide 'ya. It's already like 11:50 pm here in my place, so I have to sleep. :/ I'll try to check out this thread immediately after I wake up.

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    • Alright

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    • I think the message should be like this :

      "Hello there, Funmusea. You may or may not know that there is a wikia dedicated to your work called Okegom wikia. We have recently noticed that we probably don't have permission when we asked the founder of the wikia. We are greatly sorry for not noticing this earlier and uploading your artwork to the wikia without your permission. We like to ask for your permission now if you are ok with it. Have a nice day. Sincerely,..."

      Its a suggestion.

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    • This is troubling, to say at least. Say "thanks" for the funamusea twitter, it's the only contact with he/she.

      I hope the wiki don't have any problems for this.

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    • Let me try to build more into that:

      "Hello there, Funamusea. I hope things are going fine for you. You may or may not know this but there is an English wikia dedicated to you and your work known as the Okegom Wiki. The wikia can be found here: We, the Okegom Wiki Team, has recently noticed that we probably don't have permission to reprint your art. We tried to asked the founder of the wikia but he didn't respond to our question for like a month now. We are terribly sorry for not noticing this earlier and reprinting your artwork to the wikia without your permission. With this, the team has decided that we finally would like to ask for your permission if you are fine with it. We truly hope that this isn't too troubling. We look forward for a positive response. Have a nice day. Sincerely, ~(NAME OF SENDER), a member of the Okegom Wiki Team"

      How about that?

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    • That's better. But now who will be the sender...

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    • That will lead us to step two...

      I have two methods in mind:

      • Method A: Translate n' Send
        • As much as possible, we need someone to translate and send it. Mogeko does understand a little bit of English but y'know, they'll probably understand more if the text is translated in Japanese.
        • We have two available users here who know Japanese: Violette and Neko. Sadly, Violette is quite busy currently (yes, I've been following her Twitter for quite a while now). We cannot interfere with her as much as possible. About Neko, we can let her translate the text and send it if she is up to it. She said that she could help so probably her help will be put to here. If Neko refuses, then we might wait a little while or proceed to Method B, which is...
      • Method B: Simpify n' Send
        • We could just send it in English but we would have to simplify the text with very shallow vocab. The downside here is that Mogeko might find difficulty deciphering the text fully, even if it's in the simplest form. So, it would be up to their English vocab knowledge to understand it.

      So, what's our motion?

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    • Heyyooooo im here i threw my maths homework at a side

      After reading the constructed letter, i've already translated the whole thing with a slight changes here and there. i wonder if its ok? i tried my best tho, it would be great if anyone could correct any grammar mistakes since im still learning japanese

      Oh and, are we going to send through twitter?

      こんにちは,海底囚人様。お元気ですか。海底囚人様は知らないかもしれませんですが,海底囚人様の物語に捧げますの英語サイトがある,そのサイトは「Okegom Wikiaです。このwikiaはこちらです :
      これとともに, 我々のチームは海底囚人様に許可を求めます。
      Okegom Wikiaチームのメンバ,
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    • Ooooh hey! Wasn't expecting you to reply ^-^ (but pls dont forget to finish your math hw ok?)

      Oh, and congratulations on your 1000th edit! :P

      I'm surprised. There we go then. Good job, Violette! :D

      Although I can't proofread your translation since I don't know Japanese, I have a feeling that it's good enough.

      And yeah, we'll be sending that to Twitter. It's the fastest way to contact them anyway.

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    • i can send it because i am currently on twitter......

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    • I guess you can send it.

      Though I am not sure with Violette over here. She might send it as you send it, too.

      I'll try to ask her first.

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    • Im also on twitter now hahaha, since im scrolling twitter while crying over a pile of essays rn

      I could send it now before i start doing my maths hw xp

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    • Gdi i was about to tweet you but you replied XD

      Uh... sure thing! It's up to you two who is willing to send.

      Reply us here if one of you is about to send the request.

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    • alright, i'll message it to funamusea now. 

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    • 'Aight. Good luck!!

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    • and also, sending it via tweet and in parts because its too long and funamusea isnt following me _(:3

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    • Yeah... It's a shame. But hey you can tag them anyways!

      Plus, they replied to your MM art of our illegal sorcerer daddy, right? I'm sure Funamu-senpai will notice you. :3

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    • alright its done! here's the post. 

      Sweats nervously

      i've put it in a picture so its easier for funamusea (and also added title/subject)

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    • Wish the best of luck to all of us here!! *shudder*

      I'll retweet that in a sec so that I can be updated with that. (y)

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    • Any future replies by Funamusea i guess i will handle of that... i will ask for opinions on reply if needed on this thread xp or should i open a new thread/blog post for that...?

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    • I'm also following the post. So I'll be the second pair of eyes on this one.

      Well sure thing. We want to keep this thread as active as possible as this is about some serious scheiße as it puts the wiki's administration on the line and everyone needs to know about this.

      So yeah, go ahead. ^-^

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    • Its hard talk to him. Maybe is scared, some fans are weird

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    • (Crossing my fingers that they would answer positively...)

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    • Same here

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    • *does the same*

      Gosh, they still don't have a response... :o

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    • I will reply here as soon as i got a reply from them... But for now after 10+ hrs they still havent reply so :o Probably they are busy, considering they are making 2 games and 1 remake and working on tons of other series... So yea lets keep our fingers crossed and patiently wait for their answer _(:3J )L

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    • I was about to immediately reply but mom took the computer :|

      I've been refreshing my Twitter in 30-minute to 1-hour intervals. And yeah, they have lots of stuff to work so I understand the delay.

      In the mean time, we'll wait...

      (Ughh... I'm having a feeling of deja vu here...)

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    • just so you guys want to know... I found Dascini's twitter(seems like Dascini changed his username lmao) here it is

      also bumping this once in a while so that it dosent fall deep into the ocean

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    • *clears throat*

      Thank you for the link!! I may need that.

      Since asking here in the wiki is no good, I might ask for bureaucracy through his Twitter so that I can fulfill my promise to Shizaya and promote other users. (I can already see someone who can be part of the staff...) ;)

      However... I'm shy...... D: *puts on the paper bag mask of shyness*

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    • eh, dont need to be shy xD Just relax, go ahead and request! Im pretty sure he will give you the rights since he has already accepted your previous request plus holy shit look at the amount of things youve contributed to this wikia damn you deserve it

      ah and also im glad that link helped ;3;

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    • God, I got a little emotional here aaaaaasdfghjdskgl;

      Thank you very much!! This made me feel better. ^w^

      I'll ask him soon.

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      Ughhh.... Here it is.... Mah letter...

      Do I need to change stuff or what?

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    • Its great! there seems to be nothing to change (well, to me)

      Go ahead and tweet it to him! xD

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    • YOOOOOOOOO NICE!!!!!! 

      congrats!!!!!!!!!!! *pops confetti*

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    • AWW YEAH!!!!

      Man... I screamed loud about it and got scolded by my mom :P

      So yeah... Thank you for supporting me, Violette! :')

      Oh, and just to let you know, promotions will be open soon...

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    • You're welcome with that! xD 

      i know that feel when u ask someone permission or a senpai notices you, you literally fly away to outer space

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    • Perfect! Now the wiki is approved by funamusea :D . What about a higthlight of this. Everybody need to know this!

      Well kinda.

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    • ah..? no, i think you misunderstand. Jethro got promoted as a bureaucrat, and Funamusea hasnt approved nor reply, yet. So we still have to wait before we can officially announce that Funamusea approved this wikia or no...

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    • Ahhhh... Golly, my cheeks hurt bc of excitement.
      i was ecstatic for like 30 minutes and i cant stop smiling XD

      So uh... after all that celebration (we've been off-topic for several hours lmao), it's waiting time again :/

      The bumping shall continue then...

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    • Oh i messed up :p , so just wait, btw in "twitter analytics" you can see how many views your twett have, so we can see (maybe i never used it) if funamusea readed it yet

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    • Yeah... All these hype was just about me promoted as a b-crat lol.

      We're currently monitoring Violette's post on Twitter and there's no reply yet whatsoever. Actually, Funamusea was active two days ago so yeah, it's most likely that they haven't seen her post yet.

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    • THANK YOU BYSTANDER!!! 😂 I'm so happy right now!

      Oh yeah, Violette, I think DSP finally replied...I'm not sure it's a good one, the reply is short.

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    • すいません、イラストは使わないで下さい。

      Is that good or bad? I google translated it, but i'm not sure... O_O

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    • ...

      This is bad...


      THIS IS BAD...

      I translated it from Twitter itself and...

      It said...

      "I'm sorry. Please do not use illustrations."

      Translation may be inaccurate as Twitter uses Bing to translate...

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    • Yeah.... I'm hoping that bing and google translate are inaccurate. 

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    • *bump*

      We will wait for the official response from Violette (the non-crappy translation of the message)

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    • Im back with sad news. Funamusea stated, "すいません、イラストは使わないで下さい。" Which roughly translates to : "sorry, please do not use my images/illust". What should we do? Should we just leave the current images here like how it is now? Or should we delete them? Anyways, i will reply them that we understood. Is that ok? Also, if possible, stop adding images from now on. We have to respect the answer funamusea gave. I dont think pledging would help...

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    • Alright... But without images, are we just going to write textual descriptions? :( I can't believe that just after I joined this would happen...

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    • this is terrible...

      honestly I don't have the words to describe how bad this turned out to be...

      I was thinking of pledging too but that'd be no good...

      Here's the thing though...

      According to the guidelines translated by seichiinara, it's only their art that requires permission. So, what legally remains and will be uploaded here will be character portraits, event CGs, current sprites and game screenshots. We'll not have any problems with them.

      But deleting THE REST? That would require TOO MUCH WORK and will change everything!

      I'd recommend leaving and not deleting them. We can just use links to their site and social media if there's any future significant images from them. But let's not take this for granted...

      Let's have a vote here...

      What will we do with the present images?

      The poll was created at 06:42 on March 24, 2016, and so far 44 people voted.

      This will run for at least 48 hours.

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    • I would also recommend remaining them... imagine a page just all text but no character art... also like i said if possible please refrain from adding any future illust they post. But considering that... what if funamusea added a new character in the future?(like today they updated Tsurugigozen) also, adding link to funamusea's main page would be better since adding links straight to the illust will show up 404 error anyways.

      (afterall artists also has the right to say yes or no towards their illust)

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    • I will make a blog post about not adding future illusts.

      We'll just limit the types of images to be uploaded.

      Let's not limit the links to their page. Let's also use links to their Twitter since some of the images you recently uploaded were from their Twitter anyways.

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    • did the other Mogeko wikias (The gray garden RPG wiki, Wadanohara wiki, and Mogeko wiki) get permission? Did they even get permission at all?

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    • According to what i know from the letter nina-chii emailed to funamusea, she was asking permission to add pictures/illust into Carnival Rhythm Wikia. But till now theres no update on that email so...

      Most probably the other mogeko wikias also didnt had permission, considering Funamusea is really strict and tight on their own illustrations. But thats just what i think though...

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    • As far as I know, the WATGBS Wiki had permission to do so and it was actually approved...

      What I don't get is that we were denied doing so. This might be because of the Mogeko hatedom incident (?)

      We could try contacting Nina and see if she got any updates about her request letter.

      Off-topic concern:

      Can you visit Special:ListUsers and find our usernames? I looked at this page and for some reason...

      • My username was replaced with another username with no edits and has sysop (admin) status o_o
      • "Mogeko-violette" and "Shizaya Lover" are missing...

      Also on the Wiki Navigation (the one at the top), hover on Community, then Top users. On my screen, I can see that our names are gone, too... (On Top users, the system gets the seven top users according to edit count. We're ranked first, fourth and second, respectively. But somehow, we're not there...)

      Is the wikia bugged? Or perhaps... hacked...?

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    • eh, i also cant seem to find us 3's names... neither top users. the top users showed Dascini, then followed by Nina-chii, AriaChan13....

      I think its bugged...? I remember ytd the whole wiki community had the database locked for maintenance... even though it only lasts around 5-10 mins...

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    • Thank GOD I wasn't the only one...

      Wikia went under maintenance? I didn't know that...

      Hopefully they fix this by Tuesday, which is their next technical update. This bug is making me paranoid about being hacked 😂

      Back on-topic:

      I checked other Mogeko wikias, I checked blog posts and forums but they seem to have no sign of having approved permissions. Only WATGBS Wikia did.

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    • Yeah, it went under a short maintenance, i was about to edit Rbona Cara that time when i knew that...

      Also, Funamusea updated a new character just now. 

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    • We can just import the character portrait. Just that photo for that character

      That wouldn't be so bad, right?

      I'll try to do that now. (but holy hell it's 12:26am...)

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    • theres another art for that character tho, its already uploaded earlier in this wikia. Might as well add it in since its already existing in this wikia...

      also the banner of Photon lmao

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    • You're right. I agree. So far, it's 6-0 on the poll.

      So uh... For now, I'll just remove the character from the list, create the page and anyone can continue it while I sleep.

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    • This is sad bruh.

      We need to erase all the images? (Even my profile image? :P)

      But funamusea just sayed don't use images, at least it was just that, it could be worst

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    • We gotta see the final results of the pool, tho probably we will remain them, instead of erasing them all.

      Using their illust as profile image is ok tho, they did state that before.

      That would mean they did not approve our permission at all, so what we can do is to reduce adding illust of theirs into this wiki...

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    • Ahhhh what a shame , but how ?,

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    • Im unsure yet, Bystander said he will make a blog post about not adding future illusts. 

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    • I never thinked i will be angry with my favorite game maker (yes im that type of fan lol)

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    • Well i as an artist understand the decision Funamusea made, artist are also humans so they have rights to reject something related to their art, especially when people ask for permission to edit or repost. Some artist are find with that but some arent (drawing an illust is never easy...) so yea we have to respect them as much as possible...

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    • I totally respect that, (i dont have another way to act so ... lel) well lets see what happens

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    • sorry for the delay I was making a Mogeko Castle mod :P

      We have no choice but to let it be. I'm not an artist myself, but I know for a fact that doing art is hard as heck. (This is why I keep liking art on Twitter)

      The poll will end at 06:45 March 26, 2016 (UTC) and, possibly, close the thread because we already have the outcome of our request.

      Also, since there is no highlight feature in blogs, I'll just create a thread on the News and Announcements Board. Then, I'll just highlight the thread so that everyone will be notified.

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    • Update: So uh... Nina is back in the wiki and we talked about stuff about this. Aaaaand apparently...

      There are, in fact, no updates about her letter.

      Well then...

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    • It seems like Funamusea missed her letter or something then? Or they just check emails not so often like me

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    • It could be...

      I think they use their Twitter more often than their email. It could also be because they're working on a lot of stuff and they have no time to do check their inbox.

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    • Mogeko-violette wrote:
      It seems like Funamusea missed her letter or something then? Or they just check emails not so often like me

      So its wait again. Boriiing

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    • No hope to wait, man.

      Nina sent her letter a couple of months ago. There'd be no way for Funamusea to find it.

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    • Well, now what?

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    • Should we ask Nina to send it again on DSP's Twitter? Or that would be too late since we already did it?

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    • Nina's letter was about permission to use funamusea's images for the Carnival Rhythm Wikia. I guess it would be too late considering that funamusea has already replied and gave us their answer. But since CR and Okegom wikia are two different ones so...

      Gdi typing on mobile is so frustrating

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    • Yeah. A different sender with the same purpose won't change the outcome.

      Also from what we talked about, they don't want to see their art elsewhere, not just this wikia, but elsewhere.

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    • Also what about the spanish wikia? We should say something to they?

      (If we need i speak spanish)

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    • A different sender with the same purpose won't change the outcome.


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    • So i need to say it to them? Or ask?

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    • Nah... It might not work.

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