–Totsusa Soldiers, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Totsusa Soldier
Totatsu Soldier 1

Character Information
Japanese Name 兎津叉帝国の兵士
Romaji Name Totsusa Teikoku no Heishi
Location Totsusa Kingdom
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Rabbit
Professional Status
Affiliation Totsusa Kingdom
Occupation Soldier of the Totsusa Kingdom
Personal Status

Totsusa Soldiers (兎津叉帝国の兵士) are bunnies serving under the Totsusa Kingdom in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. They all appear as white bunnies that can only speak bunny language, which sounds like they constantly say only the word "bun"; however, some characters like Dolpi can translate it, despite its simplistic phonetics.


Totsusa Soldiers are, for the most part, white bunnies with gray eyes, wielding blood-red spears.

In part of the Blue Sea, Coral Sea, the player can encounter rare golden soldiers, and giant Totsusa soldiers with red eyes.


The Totsusa Soldiers are violent and insane; despite their fluffy and harmless appearance, they can easily gore people and kill them.


The Totsusa Soldiers serve under the Totsusa Kingdom monarch, Artamos


Wadanohara Cast


Totsusahime is the Totsusa Soldiers' princess.


Artamos is the Totsusa Soldiers' master.

Other Characters


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  • In "Ice Watching 3", if the player goes to the sleeping Totsusa Soldier (aka Bun Bun in-game) in the Ice Cave and wait around for a few minutes, they will be jumpscared by a scarier image of one, causing a "Game Over."
  • There are two known variants the player can rarely encounter. These are the Totsusa Soldier BIG and the Totsusa Soldier Rare.
    • A Totsusa Soldier BIG is simply a Totsusa Soldier with an enormous size and red eyes. However, they have no changes in stats in comparison with a regular Totsusa Soldier.
    • A Totsusa Soldier Rare is a gold-tinted version of a Totsusa Soldier. No changes of stats are present in comparison with a regular Totsusa Soldier. Defeating one earns the player the maximum amount of gold (999999 G).


  • "Bun Bun"



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