Hey, Scor! You seem to be having fun today.

–Tsumuri, Poison Bugs


Character Information
Japanese Name ツムリ
Romaji Name Tsumuri
Character Code 0040
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Earwig
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Personal Status

Tsumuri (ツムリ) is the main character in Poison Bugs. He is a humanoid earwig. He is described as being a "friendly and gentle youth". However, he's quite the opposite.


Tsumuri has straight black shoulder length hair with two curling antennae, and also red eyes. He wears a black suit with a violet undershirt and what it seems to be black gloves. He has six arms and a long black tail that ends in sharp looking pincers.

However, in a more recent drawing, Tsumuri was seen with the same clothing, yet he had longer antennae, a pair of white fly wings, and missing two sets of his arms and his tail.


Tsumuri is described as "a kind bug with many friends," but in reality, is a sadistic person.


Not much is known about his past.





Poison Bugs Cast


Ico is Tsumuri's lover.


Scor is one of Tsumuri's bully victims. In one drawing, Tsumuri can be seen with a chainsaw and holding Scor's severed hand.


Odea seems to be one of Tsumuri's bully victims.


Memez is Tsumuri's friend.

Other Characters


  • "Tsumuri" means "Head."[1]



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